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Thread: Symptoms of Blood Circulation Problems

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    Default Symptoms of Blood Circulation Problems

    You may not realize it now but you could be sitting on a time bomb just waiting to go off. Most people are completely oblivious to the telltale symptoms of blood circulation problems and the very real dangers they signal.

    The reason that you tend to ignore the subtle signs of circulation problems is that our bodies tend to cope quit well to the terrible lifestyle choices we make which eventually impairs our circulatory systems until eventually we face life-threatening complications such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

    Poor blood circulation affects many areas of the body but is of most danger to the major organs in particular. The affects of circulation problems on various body parts are as follows:

    1. Brain - Reduced circulation to the brain reduces its capacity to function at optimal levels, resulting in poor memory and concentration, impaired clarity, lethargy, frequent headaches, dizzy spells and reduces alertness.

    2. Heart - Poor blood flow to the heart can result in chest pain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and poor stamina when performing any form of exercise such as a short walk which is likely to leave you somewhat breathless.

    3. Liver - Impaired circulation to the liver can reduce its function and affect appetite, lead to weight loss and leave the skin looking unhealthy.

    4. Kidneys - The role of the kidneys is to eliminate waste from the body and so it is no surprise that poor blood circulation to the kidneys can lead to high blood pressure, increase the heart rate and also cause swelling in the extremities such as the hands and feet.

    5. Limbs - Blood circulation problems in the limbs can be indicated by symptoms such as cramping, tingling or numbness in the arms or legs and varicose veins.

    6. Sexual Function - Proper functioning of the sex organs relies on a good blood supply so it comes as no surprise that poor circulation can lead to sexual dysfunction and in particular impotence in men.

    As blood circulation problems are the result of many years of poor lifestyle choices it is important not to take lightly to threat to your health and seriousness of the problem. Make no mistake if the symptoms of circulation problems are ignored the next warning may well be a fatal heart attack.

    The good news is though that all is not doom and gloom as by making changes to your lifestyle and utilizing some effective natural supplements it is possible to greatly improve your blood circulation problems in a much shorter space of time compared to the years it took of poor lifestyle to cause the circulation problems in the first place.

    Don't wait for a heart attack or stroke. Find out which are the best supplements to help your blood circulation problems before it's too late.

    Improve Circulation With Exercise
    Exercise. Hardly anybody likes to hear the word, much less actually go do that! However, I have some benefits, that's right, just a few of the many benefits that exercise can give you:

    Eliminates depression
    EXcludes you from various harmful ailments
    Enhances your agility and flexibility
    Relieves everyday stresses
    Creates a better image of yourself both physically and mentally
    Increases your blood circulation
    Spares you from boredom
    Empowers your mind and body

    This acronym of the word exercise gives reasons why exercise is a great way to improve circulation and glucose utilization and improve the heart, mind, and body of you!

    Why is exercise important?
    Well the answer lies simply in the hands of you. Do you want a better life? Do you want to do those things you haven't done for years? Do you want to live longer with your friends and family? Only you can answer those questions.

    How can exercise improve my circulation and glucose utilization?
    The circulation of your blood is a key to the health and prosperity of your feet and legs and the health of cells in your body. Circulation delivers nutrients and oxygen so your cells function properly and stay healthy.

    If you keep your circulatory system healthy, your chances are greater to avoid or lessen the illnesses or complications that come with poor circulation.

    What are some exercises that can help me improve my circulation?

    1. Massages
    2. Golf
    3. Swimming or slow treading
    4. Gardening or pruning
    5. Walking the dog
    6. Bicycling with very little effort

    Wait a minute, these don't sound like exercises!
    But they are. Doing the same activities you love to do (and sometimes already do in your daily schedule) will increase circulation and decrease stress, ailments, and depression as well.

    Are there any foods that can help me along with exercise?

    Yes! Certain foods, spices, and liquids that can help improve your circulation drastically such as:

    -Tamari Bancha Tea
    -Cayenne pepper
    -Red wine
    -Rosemary leaves

    All of these ingredients can and will improve your circulation and overall health.

    Alright, what will happen if I don't exercise and eat the right foods?

    -Hypertension. This is a common problem for many middle-aged and elderly people. This occurs when cholesterol plaques are deposited along the arteries' walls, making it hard.

    -Varicose veins. Also known as Spider veins. These pesky veins occur when the walls of the veins loses elasticity.

    With proper diet and exercise, herbal diabetes support products can be your best friend. These products are proven to help improve the management of your diabetes. So, get out there, start exercising to improve circulation and start living your life again. You have nothing to lose, but your whole life to gain!

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    when blood does not flow properly in the back of the brain. Symptoms include difficulty walking or maintaining balance, you can not easily swallow, double vision, headaches and slurred speech.

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