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Thread: Choosing the Best Home Water Purification System

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    Default Choosing the Best Home Water Purification System

    Before choosing the best water purifier for your home, decide whether you need a water purification system for the entire water flow of your home or only for the drinking water. For the entire water supply, it is a different filter system all together than what is used for filtering the drinking water. Find out how you can choose the best possible water purifying system.

    Know The Types Of Filtration System Available
    You can purchase the best water purifier available in the market depending upon the types of systems. You can choose from a variety of systems based on its cost and uses. If you want to go for a water purification system that is efficient, choose from a variety of filters that utilize a variety of different processes like reverse osmosis filtration, carbon filtration, ion exchange processes, and sub micron filtration. This can be chosen depending upon the kind of water you are having at home.

    You have to find out how well dependable the product is at all times. A product that has earned rave reviews and first-rate accreditation from test facilities can be considered the best product. Look for the NSF Ė international accreditation that establishes the standards for the water purifiers. It should also have been acclaimed by the consumers as well. Depending upon these, you can go for the most dependable water filter that filters the minutest of all the unwanted particles in your water.

    Cost Efficient
    You just canít purchase any water purifier that comes your way. Make note of the water purifiers that are available and the cost of each purifier. Though there is a notion that quality comes with price it neednít be true all the time. However, in most of the cases if you are looking out for good brands, you will have to pay higher. You should be careful enough to choose the filter system that provides complete water purification at lesser cost.

    Maintenance Cost
    Make sure to check the costs of maintaining a water purifier system before buying one. Avoid buying purifier that has a low price tag but requires a lot of maintenance. Find a purifier that has a reasonable cost and is easy and inexpensive to maintain.

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    I would suggest the water purifier for home by Livpure.
    It offers the best ro water purification technology. It has following unique features:
    1. Water Test Facility
    2. Free Home Demo
    3. Free Installation
    4. Space saving compact design.
    5. Prompt after-sales service
    6. Economical price
    Sachin Tendulkar- Livpure Water Purifier.jpg
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    Hi @minisoji,

    After the Delhi air pollution news, the sale of portable air purifiers has risen up. As you are very good in sharing detailed knowledge on almost everything, please start a thread on how air purifiers are the future need of every home regardless they live in Delhi or anywhere else in India.

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