Various medical researches have proven that the efficacy of normal soap in cleaning germs from our hands is at 45%. The remaining over 50% germs stay inside the pores of our skin or under our nails. After these findings regarding soap's eficacy came into light and the H1N1 pandemic, all leading hospitals stopped using soaps and instead adopted alcohol based hand scrubs. The myth that soap was the ultimate medium to clean our hands was shattered.

Now lets look at what happens in our daily life especially when we clean after toilet with our hands. The moment our hands/fingers come in contact with excreta, they get contamainated with some of the most deadly diseases in the world, namely Diarrhea, Hepatitis, Gadtro-enteritis, Typhold, cholera etc. No amount of cleaning with soap is going to get rid of these germs. The same contaminated hands carrying over 50% of these germs then find their way into our food cycle when we prepare Atta, eat or handle food. It further spreads the germs when we touch our loved ones.

Till now we were blissfully unaware of the dangers of this habit since the naked eyes could not see anything amiss. However, now medical research is opening our eyes to this most dangerous of pratices that we have inherited for generations.

Do we ever ponder as to why we and our family members get upset tummies, food poisoning or diarrhea so often. Do we know that over 1000 children die every day in India of Diarrhea due to this unhygienic sanitary practice and infected water.

So what is the solution to this grave issue?

Today, technology has given us a simple solution called "hands Free Attachable Bidets" that is a device that uses Japanese technology and can easily be attached to any existing/new commode (WC). It cleans you automatically with a water jet from a special nozzle form below and inside th bowl. All you need to do this turn a knob conveniently located next to you and the Bidet does the rest.

Certain models have special nozzles designed for women's personal hygiene and are a boon especially during periods/pregnancy.

The more advanced models come with an array of features like warm water wash, heated seat, warm air drayer, anti-bacteria soft drop seats, anema/massage function, medicine dispenser, child settings, remote control etc.

These wonder devices help protect our family's health and well-ness but also are eco-friendly since they save 90% of water usage family can save almost 20 ltr. of water every day if they use these devices.

Attachables bidets are popular in far east, Europeand the Americans and are fast replacing the conventional cleaning methods. In India they are now availbale under the name of Hygiclean Attachable Bidets. They are ideal for homes, offices, hopitals, hotels and public places.