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    Unable to upload any file


    I was trying to upload files to my website but to my astonishment, not even a single file was being uploaded. The maximum file size was not even 100 K.

    And all are either html or jpeg....
  2. How about learning Oracle? Free......

    Hello All,

    If you are a tech geek and want to explore and learn oracle technology, then this site is for you.

    you can visit my site to take up the course you...
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    The sample PHP mail script has the essential...

    The sample PHP mail script has the essential elements missing. Though the same can be seen at the following link:

  4. Can I run Perl Scripts on your Web Server?


    I have created a feedback form that will send all the feedbacks of my site to my mail address. I have used Perl Script with a *.pl extension.

    Will it work on the BIZHAT server?

    Is there...
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    Any Site where we can download the templates


    I saw your post.

    But I could not download from the links that you have provided.

    Are there any other links where we can try downloading the templates to build a website.

    I am building...
  6. There should be a revolution in Cricket....

    Hello All,

    I was just following the Cricket World cup closely until recently.

    It was such a shameful and horrific incidents that all the officials together could not interpret the rules and...
  7. Can Anyone tell which part to India to visit these summers..

    Hello Friends,

    I belong to the Northern Part of India, specifically Rajasthan. And during summers our state turns out to be the hottest.... (it becomes like a hot desert)

    Can anyone of you...
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    Which movie is better ?


    I haven't watch Dhoom 1 & Dhoom 2.

    Can anyone tell me about these films and which is better???

    Are these to in continuation or they have different story lines.

    And what are the...
  9. Great Article


    I was really looking for this information, but could not find this anywhere on the net.

    This has helped me a lot and I am very close to solve my problem of authenticating sucessfully to the...
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    Learn oracle from my site.

    Hello friends,

    I am working in the field of software for quite sometime now. I have a vast experience in Oracle technologies.

    I am using this and certain resources to make my site.

    It will...
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