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    What is a PHP

    PHP is a server-side scripting language, especially suited for the creation of dynamic web pages. This programming language offers web developers a large selection of instruments. PHP, which has...
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    Ramayya Vasthavayya Review

    ketta kathiyaaa irukeee..... aasai kathaiyaa ulta pannina maari illaa?neway am goin to watch for one and only arya....arya....arya....arya.. ... thnx viji for the review...lasik
  3. Maruti Celerio WallpaperReviewsPrice details

    Hi, I need to know onroad price of Maruti suzuki swift VDI in Guwahati, I want to know all price inclusive all taxes and every other expense. Will it be cheaper if I buy it outside Guwahati ?
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    web hosting

    I use free web hosting for my new sites. problem is its hard to run a worldpress blog in a free hosting. upgrading version and plugins sometime has to be down by FTP..
  5. Mumbai Indians rope in West Indies batsman Lendl Simmons

    Heard about Sachin has wont be available to play in the west Indies cricket series but that shouldnt effect us much. I think Team India can do without Sachin.
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    What is Black Hat Seo

    Google Bowling, also called "reverse SEO" is a technique, based on the simple fact that there is a second way of getting on top of the Google search results:- increasing your own rank -decreasing...
  7. Day 1 Getting Started Become PHP Expert in 30 days

    Any PHP Web Developers?I need some help in PHP web developement..If anybody could help me in this regard i will be thankfull. I will PM the problem later...ThankyouRamya ArangsPaul
  8. Most seo copywriting will generate sales and ranking

    It looks like things are fixed. No error popup. Forum came up quickly and search was reasonably fast, and return back to index now works as well.
  9. Wanted some help on template editing

    Hi,I see that while editing templates it does not all more than 992 lines of code per template , how do I increase this number to for example 3000?
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    Junior Jyothika Diya

    HiI was wondering if any of you guys have seen footage of Rory using his Les Paul Junior? Now and again you see people reffering to his Melody Maker as a Junior, but I would love to footage or even...
  11. Benefits of Coupons Code Website Design Development

    Hi, Im a new member and this is my first post.I mostly use gimp for web design, so in each of my design there always almost use icon.For example, setting icon, profile icon, calendar icon, select...
  12. Get Direct Admission in "V I T University" under Management Quota Admissions in VIT

    University of Benin UNIBEN,2019/2020 DIRECT-ENTRY & PRE-DEGREE Form is out. School Contact: 09032610974 to apply and for further information and assistance on how to obtain your form and process your...
  13. Hyundai Grand i10 Car StillsWallpaperReviews

    I am looking to make comparison between both the car, I want to know which is better among Hyundai i10 and Volkswagen Polo ? Both are hatch back and both are hot in the market but I10 is sold a lot...
  14. Asset quality continues to be a worry for ICICI Bank

    I have an online website and Im getting ready to open the online store. I need to get my DBA doing business as and then get a small business account at a bank. What is the best bank to go with?
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    Sticky: Cinema Theaters In Kerala

    The Best Cinema Theaters in Madurai are :Big Cinemas Jazz-ArshBig Cinemas GaneshMani Impala Multiplex - Magic,Majesty and MelodyThanga ReegalVetri a/c dtsAmbika Cinemas - I and II
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    10 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

    SMo is best way to get quality and relevant traffic. You can hire a professional in affordable price from seoclerk to run SMO campaign for you they have Old accounts to bring quality traffic in less...
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    Benifit of social bookmarking

    There are many social bookmarking tools to allow you to submit to many social bookmarking sites easily. In fact I would advise you to submit them manually yourself as it is good time investment....
  18. No hard feelings in relationship or friendship

    Ending a relationship is never easy. Especially if you still love the person. To those who have had failed relationships, how did you move on?Right now things are hard for me because the breakup is...
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    Insurance Tips For Homeowners

    Hi All,Just want to do a quick price check - Im currently paying more that €160 for my home insurance holiday 1 bed apt., not rented out. Seems somewhat expensive to me - or is it a normal going...
  20. How to Choose the Right Brush for Your Masterpiece

    Hii, thanks for the information. These all points are very important. And SEO's role is also very important to make money with Web designing.
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    Invalid Domain / Password

    Even when running MQ under a domain user, the account for that particular domain user should not allow login and as such the password need not change.
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    Which is best Bike OR CAR

    Dear all could you please advise which bank is the best bank in pakistan where I could buy a car on credit with easy installments thanks in advance
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    Sticky: Unbelievable Amazing Facts

    Astounding. Where did you get these pictures from? Are they all episodes of Amazing 3 that exist today in good condition? How many are there? If it were only the complete series and could be...
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    Make money online

    What type ecu u used? datalogging problem maybe J4 for jdm ecu or J12 usdm ecu not remove. And do you use extreame hulog for usb rs232 converter? if yes there a setup to make it work with freelog.
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    Sticky: Credit Card Tips

    Im gonna mod my fader but I dont know how to do it. I assume you just cut pieces of an old credit card out and stick them at each end of the fader to shorten the travel. Is it really that simple or...
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