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  1. How long should a morning walk to be to help impact weightloss?

    Ive started walking every morning first thing when I wake up (put my hair up in bobble, pull my jogging bottoms on and slip into a t-shirt and walk out the door) for around 20mins.

    Should I walk...
  2. Why do you think teenage pregnancy rates are going up in every race except the asian

    If anyone has any facts (or opinions) on why this is I would love to hear them.

    If anyone knows any websites that address the issue that would also be helpful.

    And if you've had any...
  3. What are some of the good science fair subjects?

    I want an experiment concerning physical science, mathematics, computer science, and energy, all mixed up together; I want an experiment that includes all these subjects
  4. How can i get my hair to grow faster, and make it thicker?

    have medium length hair, and i want it really long. I've had this length for a while now, and it takes forever to grow. Is there any products or something to make it grow faster?

    Also, how can i...
  5. How can i connect my wireless laptop with a wired computer?

    Ok so heres hows it is i have a wireless Access point downstairs and a wireless computer upstairs and i just got a wired com that i put in my room and i want to connect it to my wireless and share...
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