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  1. Which is better laptop or computer?

    According to me, laptop is better than computer due to its portability and convenient to use by the students and business man at any time and at any place.

    So,Give your views about which is better...
  2. Difference between HTML and CSS??

    1)HTML is a web design language and CSS is a presentation, styling and formatting language.
    2)HTML can control the contents of the page while CSS doesnot control the content of the page.
  3. Is HTML used for all website content?

    Yaaaaaa...HTML is very helpful in website designing. It provides a graphical user interface and have an array of tools which you develop web pages.
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    What is a computer Virus???

    A computer virus is defined as a parasite that will enter your PC and destroy your system, files and any other program.

    How do you define computer Virus????????
    please give your...
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    Web Host Company

    I have heard about the web hosting company like Bluehost Hosting,Host Monster, Web Hosting Pad,Greenville Web Hosting.
  6. Best software for making a website?

    You may consider Adobe Dreamweaver, it is commonly used by beginner programmers or web designers due to its simple and easy to use interface, but it is not free.If you would like a free or open...
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    what is file index?

    1)Name your Primary HTML file index.html
    If the primary file in your home directory is called index.html , you need not specify it in URLs.
    2)Create an index.html for every subdirectory...
  8. Differnce between XML and HTML

    1)HTML is a presentation language where as XML language in neither a programming language nor a presentation language; it is used to transfer the data between applications and databases.
    2)HTML is...
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    Ayurvedic Hair care care tips

    1)Use a mild Shampoo with no alcohol that won't dry out the hair.
    2)Use a conditioner every time after shampooing. conditioner soften the hairs and provides the nutrients.
    3)Oiling and Massaging of...
  10. Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptop

    1)A Laptop is portable, which makes it perfect for students and business people.
    2)They have lower power and space requirements than desktop.
    3)A Laptop is a complete computer,you are...
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    Acer or Dell

    I will suggest to buy a Dell because your high- performance Dell configuration can fully utilize the next generation capabilities of genuine windows vista.
  12. I use soni vaio cw laptop. It is full featured...

    I use soni vaio cw laptop. It is full featured multimedia laptop with inrel centrino 2 processors, nvidia graphics card and windows 7 operating system at attractive prices.
    The technical...
  13. The programs are used to keep the computer tidy

    1)Remove unwanted programs
    2)Disable unnecessary processes
    3)Remove malicious programs
    4)Clear out junk files
    5)Clean the registry
    6)Tweak the page file
    7)Update drivers and windows
  14. I had searched many times on the internet to know...

    I had searched many times on the internet to know what programs shows the number of users on the websites. then, it clears me that, there is a Load Impact program, it is an online load testing...
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    Sticky: Poll: The best web browser

    Firefox is the best web browser.It brings together all kinds of awesomeness to make browsing better for you. The features are:- security privacy,high performance, greater personalization,higher...
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    I use McAfee antivirus .they are free or professional editions.
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    Sticky: How To Chose The Right Business

    According to my experience, I can suggest you the path that how can we chose the right business.
    1) first, mind set:- you should have plan where to go or which business do you like to open. ...
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    What is a computer Avatar?

    A computer Avatar represents a computer user or a graphic file used on the websites.There are basically two types of Avatars:- first, those used at websites and the other used in Gaming.
  19. Web design and web developer

    Web design defines an art of creating a websites by using images, icons, graphics which attracts the peoples but a Web developer is a programmer that do the coding for the web pages. they work by...
  20. How Data Processing helps in Designing

    Data Entry and Data Processing are major part for the IT companies. Everyday new data added and which needs to be managed in a synchronized manner. The Managed Data should be in a ready to use...
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    Document Management

    Document Management defines the lifecycle of a document. It promotes how they are created, viewed, documented, controlled and managed.
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    Thank you for your tips.

    Thank you for your tips.
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    How to make money online?

    1)Added as a seller on eBay and thousands of sales are made each day.
    2)Blogging is the best way to start a new business.
    3)Through Data Entry, we can earn a lot of money.
    4) e-books are big...
  24. Link exchange is a major part of Internet...

    Link exchange is a major part of Internet Marketing in improving the rank of your websites. It is the best way of attract the visitors without paying any money for advertising.
  25. Advantages and Disadvantages of online learning

    1) One can easily access the training at any time and at any place.
    2) It is the cheapest method of gaining knowledge.
    3) No technical support.
    4)Internet connections are easily...
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