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    service pack 2 sucks, its a piece of crap. it...

    service pack 2 sucks, its a piece of crap.

    it conflicts with any spyware and firewall software you are running at the same time, even if you turn the windows firewall is off

    you cant watch any...
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    its the same in every country, but you have to...

    its the same in every country, but you have to realise they probably think the same as you. every country is particularly racist or hateful towards a certain people i've found.
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    yo shutup about who's dumbest and read this

    everyone round here seems to think an entire race or culture can be "stupid"

    in england we have "islamophobia" because everyone thinks every muslim they see on the streets is going to blow...
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    i dont know, check out my site to see if its color coordinat

    i dont know, check out my site to see if its color coordinated, maybe not

    yes? no? i try as hard as i can to make it look neat and stuff but it never does lol
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    yeah, statcounter is the best

    yeah, statcounter is the best

    you can change the color, size, position, type, bold, make it invisible, anything you want
  6. my bad i can access it now

    sorry for wasting two posts here, it just that i was getting a little worried someone may have deleted my account by accdident or something.

    sorry for this :(

    visit my site if you like:...
  7. i cant access my website. can anyone help me? admin?

    i cant access my website (

    if anyone can help me or tell me why my site doesnt work, please help me :)

  8. change the WINDOWS XP startup screen

    you can change the XP startup screen (the black screen with the progress bar that moves) - simply go to WWW.BOOTSKIN.COM and download the program to whatever you like.

    ps. i prefer the matrix...
  9. i see. can you guys recommend me a good browser then?

    can anyone recommend me a good browser other then Internet Explorer for the spyware problem?
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    wow thanks a lot guys for upgrading me

    thanks a lot for upgrading me :-)
    you have great service guys, keep it up :P :P
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    i dont ever enter credit card info

    i dont ever use credit card info for webhosting, there are a couple of ways to get a free domain (.com, .biz), or make it "seem" as if you have a real domain name by using URL redirection - this can...
  12. controversial subject: hackers? good or evil?

    the "word" hacker in itself sounds ugly and menacing, doesnt it? but are they as bad as everyone says?

    first of all, people need to get a few things straight:

    1. 20 - 30 years ago, a hacker was...
  13. you're right, this is one of the best

    i also looked around for ages before i found bizhat - its one of the best hosting sites, i can tell you. i know tons of them that have restrictions on filesize, on filetypes, on names - this one is...
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    Poll: anyone want games? send me an email

    hi guys. i hear a lot around here about people who want whole games off the internet, and i can tell you without a doubt, you arent going to find them. you can get some games of me. at the moment, i...

    this is 100% truth, i've tried and i've seen the consequences loads of times is great for finding application keys, but it DOES fill your computer with spyware, which is what we were...
  16. XP SP2 always ALWAYS stops scripts from running in explorer?

    i have XP SP2 and when i go to websites that have a script incorporated into the webpage, the security always blocks it. is there no damn way to turn this annoying thing off?
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    why criticise america? criticise bush!!!!!!!!!!

    this one is gonna be short but meaningful

    dont criticise america, they havent done anything
    criticise bush, he's killing everything!
  18. i use kazaa a lot and it does give you spyware, read on...

    the easiest way i find is just to download kazaa lite, download the program i made a link to before and use it as normal. this should stop most spyware from running maliciously on your pc.

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    sorry, i've asked for an upgrade twice...

    hi admin. sorry, i asked for an upgrade about 4 minutes ago but i realised it wasnt in this thread (i posted it as a new topic).

    if its okay with you, can you upgrade me? my website is...
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    hi. should i use PHP in my website?

    hi guys.

    i already have quite a good knowledge of only html code (and a bit of javscript),

    would it be useful for me to learn PHP? what advantages does it have and what could i do with it that...
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    thanks strikeout

    thanks :-) people answer really quickly on this, huh?
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    best personal films ever?????

    this will be different for everyone, but what films made you think? what films made your jaw drop in amazement. what films had scenes that stuck in your head and have never or will never fade away in...
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    shaun the dead: jokes film, silly film

    shaun of the dead i think was only released in the uk because it basically takes the mickey out of dawn of the dead, although i've seen the film and its still very enjoyable. trademarks of a good...
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    really good program to make simple websites

    i used this program once to make my first ever website
    (, which is now defunct)

    webbuild express

    its not like other web building applications because it allows picturs, text...
  25. hi admin. is it okay if i ask for an upgrade?

    hi. i know you probably have a lot more important requests than me, but is it okay if i ask for an upgrade?

    i've used a lot of bandwidth testing my downloads and i am planning on putting more of...
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