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  1. Heheheheheee... i think, Bsfiles using proxxy...

    Heheheheheee... i think, Bsfiles using proxxy server... right...?
    Or you masquereading your IP, or you acces the net from public internet cafe...
    I think, thats why...
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    Any server that accept .exe and wmv...?

    because i like to make a program, plugins, or music videos and want to publish it. I tired using yousendit.

    And, if can, the filesize limit is 8 MB.
    I dont care about the monthly badwith, even it...
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    Intel And AMD

    I think AMD is the best, since i was using Intel, and found that the processor actually is a turtle.
    All i need to do is add more cooling fan.
    What about you...?
    Ever using AMD Processor?
    Mine is...
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