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    My Account Access Information


    Can you please tell me how I can get the access information for my free hosting account. The username and password that I was provided when I signed up no longer works for me and the email...
  2. Wanted: Private Label Resellers - 40% Per-Sale

    There are many Internet Entrepreneurs quietly earning a good income online simply by selling Electronic Information Products (EIP).

    With today's technology, even the smallest home-based business...
  3. How to sell USA products in foreign markets

    For companies making initial plans to export, or export to new areas, considerable advice and assistance is available at little or no cost. It is easy, through lack of experience, to overestimate the...
  4. How to start your own home-based import/export business

    I will show you how you to start up and operate your own home-based import export business with no investment. Learn how you can earn money in international trade without the need to handle any...
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    Why can't I access my account

    I currently have a free hosting account with you but I can not access it. I am getting a message which states that either my password or username is not correct. I posted this question in another...
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    How can I access my account?


    My username and/or password is not working when I attempt to log in at my account. I can not request my password because the email address that I used to sign up for the account in no longer...
  7. Thread: Need Password

    by tradenet

    Need Password

    I can't remember my password for my BizHat site and the email address that I used for my account is no longer valid, is there any other way that I can get my password from the host?
  8. Home-Based Import/Export Business Opportunity

    Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

    Are you aware that...

    125,000 people join a home-based business per week. The home-based
    business industry produces around $427 Billion per year in income.

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    Re: BizHat php Website Email Problem

    Thank you for your reply but I don't understand how this would help me determine what the problem is with the BizHat server or how this can help me solve that problem. Especially since I have no...
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    BizHat Email Account Access


    Does a free email account come with the BizHat website? If so how can I find out what my access info, username and passwrod is and how do I access my account. I tried clicking on email at the...
  11. Start A Home-Based Import/Export Business With No Investment

    Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

    Never since the inception of international trade has the marketplace
    been witness to the amount of growth or competition that is present
    in today's global economy.
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    BizHat php Website Email Problem

    I have a php directory at my free BizHat site and I am now unable to have email sent via my site as I was able to do before. Can anyone tell me what the proble might be?

    I am using the same set...
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    FTP Upload Problem

    I am also having the FTP upload problem, getting the "Disk Full" and my directory is completely empty. Does anyone have any idea when this problem will be solved?
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    Private Label Resellers Wanted...

    Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

    There are many Internet Entrepreneurs quietly earning a good income
    online simply by selling Electronic Information Products (EIP).

    With today's technology, even the...
  15. Home-Based Import/Export Business Opportunity - FREE Trial

    Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

    Like the privileged few - I want to give you instant access to the same
    knowledge that's legally and ethically making everyday people thousands
    of dollars, in some...
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    BizHat Free Hosted Site Access Problem

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    First of all, thank you for the free banner-free hosting for my site. However, I have a few questions regarding the performance of my site.

    Specifically, when I first set up and...
  17. Dear Sir/Madam, As stated in my previous...

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    As stated in my previous message, you CAN post your ad to 2600+ global classified sites with one click at my site for free. The ads and the pop ups is how we make a few dollars to...
  18. Post Your Ads To 2600+ Global Classified Sites with 1 Click

    Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

    The Multi-Post, Global Classifieds will allow you to send your ads to
    2600+ classified sites with one click of the mouse. You will not get
    any messages from other...
  19. Upgrade My Webspace and Bandwidth at

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    As I stated in my previous message, I activated my account today here at your support forum and would like an upgrade to my web space, bandwidth and I would like to have php...
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    Enable PHP On

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I activated my account today, here at the support forum, please activate php for my site at ""

    The site will be use to operate an International...
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