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  1. I get message "Invalid Domain / Password" when sig

    Hello BizHat,

    I made 6 posts in the forum and try to sign in for the free hosting.
    But I get message "Invalid Domain / Password".
    Could you tell me why?

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    Japan is still on dependence of US's military

    As long as Japan is forced to pay an enormous amount of money to US military, we have to say that Japan is still under USA's military powzer.

    According to "Global Security" website,
    "U.S. Forces...
  3. Good opportunity given for free of charge

    Thanks BizHat for your gracious offer of this free opportunity.

    But I wonder if asp or cfm languages work in your server to enable interactivities with the viewers of each of our sites.

    Well, I...
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    Fair trade campaign close to Geneva

    We, students, are planning to make advertising action for fair trade in Gaillard, France (access by tramway from Geneva city centre) in June 2007.
    This action is in collaboration with Max Havelaar...
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    Nestle's salary

    As everyone knows, Nestle abuses the human rights and the environment in developping countries (Colombia, Cote d'Ivoire, Indonesia) including exploitation of child labour.

    Based on these...
  6. Beautiful "Ryuichi Sakamoto"'s World

    I reviewed recently on You Tube site Sakamoto's music. Wow, they are so beautiful..! Very simple at the same time, but how heart-touching..!

    Especially, "Last emperor", "Merry Christmas, Mr....
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