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  1. Hi, please upgrade my account

    Hi i am requesting you to upgrade my account , please consider my request..
  2. why would employers want you to hand code their websites?

    I think because if you can type it by hand than they feel that you have a thorough understanding of it. Basically it is their way of weeding out people who actually know the language vs. those that...
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    How long did it take you to learn php?

    I'm relatively new to php, and am trying to learn. How long did it take you from the point of 0 php knowledge to a level of competence where you could actually construct your own, functional website?
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    Multiple projects- Multiple clients

    How do you deal with multiple projects and multiple clients? I generally juggle three to five projects at a time. However, my business is showing rapid increase these days and some times I think all...
  5. New Book: No-Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP

    SitePoint's newest book is No Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP by Thomas Myer.

    No-Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP dispenses with the boring, academic-style writing about XML theory and...
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    Nobody gives a proper brief...

    My partner & I have been running our web design company for just under a year and we've been really lucky in getting a lot of interest from potential clients. Our problem is that they nearly always...
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    emulate __destruct() in PHP4

    s there an elegant way to emulate a destructor in PHP4?

    register_shutdown_function() won't work, since it doesn't get called if the object is unset() or reassigned, etc.

    Any thoughts? Thanks...
  8. question on mod_rewrite without knowing param count?

    'm going to try to jump on the mod_rewrite bandwagon. I am working on an application that uses index.php as a front controller and the querystring does the rest. All of the querystring tutourials I...
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    Handling large file uploads

    On a project I'm currently working on, we need to find a way to transfer large video files (up to 100 megs) via a web browser, with a progress bar. As far as I know, it isn't possible to do this...
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    What is the advantage of XML?

    I just read the sample chapters of the new XML book, and im kinda confused, what is the advantage of XML over plain XHTML?

    The book states that it is easier to display documents in mobile devices...
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    send sms free to any indian mobile

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  12. Unlimited english ,hindi ,malayalam, tamil songs downloads

    Hai friends, tired of buying songs ? Here you can find out new as well as old songs of many languages
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