The buzz is that Abhay Deol is all set to star in debutant director Vibhu Puriís Bambai Fairy Tale. It is a period love story set in the city of dreams, Mumbai. Apparently, Abhay will not only star in the film but also produce it. Itís been a while since we last saw Abhay in an out and out romantic film. Defying his chocolate hero looks, the actor has been quite choosy about doing a love story. Even though he debuted in Imtiaz Aliís Socha Na Tha which was a romantic film, he has rarely been seen in one after, barring Anurag Kashyapís Dev D and the forgettable Aisha. His last film Shanghai was a political thriller. So it will be a nice change to see him in a romantic avatar once again.
A source close to Abhay reveals, ďAfter Shanghai, Abhay was looking to do something entirely different. He loves to experiment with his image. When he heard the narration of Vibhuís story, he loved the idea. After a few meetings, the actor green lighted the project. He is also keen on producing the film but the talks are still on.Ē
Reportedly, Vibhu, the writer of Saawariya, was supposed to make his directorial debut with Chenab Gandhi. Unfortunately, the film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Rajeev Khandelwal and Vidya Balan film got shelved due to the fallout with his producer, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Interestingly, Bhansaliís next, Ram Leela, is also a period love story set in Gujarat.

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