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We call this business as E-compounding, Network marketing, Affiliate marketing or even Referral Marketing. It is called E-compounding because we do the business through the medium of Internet, which happens to be the tomorrow’s world. It is known as Networking because we will be building our organization with in the network of our friends, relatives and well-wishers.

There are thousands of companies around the world who offer such business partnerships, but the company in which we are associated is called (Quest international) Qi.

Qi, was founded in the year 1998, with its head office at HK. The company has now completed 7 years of operations and is now a 500 million$ company. It is the topmost networking company of Asia!!!

Our company also has offices at Singapore, Malasia, Indonasia, Thailand, South Korea, Sharjan, Al-ain, Saudi Arabia, and in India, there are 5 offices viz., Chennai, Mumbai, Madurai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. In fact, I am personally from Bangalore and I have visited this office several times.

Qi, is a corporate with around 14 subsidiaries, each subsidiary focused on one particular activity of product. However, the subsidiaries, which I shall be talking to you at the moment, are GQI, QT.

GQI is Numismatic Company, while QT is a Telecommunication company.

I shall be giving you more details on the product in the later stages.

The Business.

In our day-to-day life, we happen to visit a super market or a showroom and we happen to purchase an item of our choice by paying money. For having paid the money, the product is ours but it does not mean that we now are the partners of the showroom or the super market.

But, in Qi, you will be purchasing a product of our company, on line and when you pay them on line, the product will sent to you by post, and at the same time, moment, a Business center will be opened, and you will now be called as Independent representative of the company and this business center will have your own password to open. This business center of yours will have two legs, which are left and Right.

Your duty is to now develop this business center through its two branches by referring partners through out the world. You can bring any number of partners and the more you refer, the more hidden benefits you get for Two generations!!! However, initially we will require a minimum of two partners, one on the left and another on the right.

Now, as the business keeps growing, these partners of yours in turn will refer a minimum of their two partners and like this your business keeps growing. The moment, you have 3 partners on the left and 3 partners on the right, you will get 250USD (All partners should buy any product of the company but should be of minimum of 1UV in order for the business center to get Activated.) The business center is for 2 generations and has a legal nominee facility.

What is the benefit of developing our business center?

The ultimate and immediate is naturally the cheque of 250$, which the company is ready to pay provided we would have registered 3 on the left and 3 on the right. The business center is global and we all belong to a family called TITANS. The business center is basically free, because what ever you invest is basically for the product and not for the business center and in this situation of mind, I still suggest that you cannot get such a wonderful business in the conventional world.

You may be wondering the reason why we are doing this business so seriously in spite of our regular work which itself is for 8- 10 hours. I would now like to show you the power of this business in the form of a projection.


2MONTHS 1 1 ----

4MONTHS 2 2 (3 AND 3) 250$

6MONTHS 4(3) 4(3) (3 AND 3) 250$

8 MONTHS 8 8 (9 AND 9) 750$

10MONTHS 16 16

12MONTHS 32 32

14MONTHS 64 64

16MONTHS 128 128

20,MONTHS 256 256

22 MONTHS5 512 512 84,500$

Friends, in the above projection, we have assumed that every partner who joins us will in turn refer a minimum of 2 partners in to our business in a span of 2 months and if every one achieves this, we call our success rate to be 100% and the total money we earn will be 84,500$.

Now, if 50% of our partners are slow and if they take more than 2 months, still we earn 40,000$.

If 25% business happens below us, still you are sure of making 20,000$ in 2years.

At last even if 10% of business takes place, still we make around 8500$ in 2 years.

Even if we make 8500$, what is the problem, because it is only a parallel business which we are starting for a secured future!! 1

Now, if you like to become our partner, you should also purchase a product like me and Basu.

Talking about the product, we have 2 options, which are Numismatics and Technology.

In Numismatics we have products made up of Gold, silver of Platinum. These products are released either by the central bank of a country or certain prestigious organizations such as UN, FIFA, IOC or IBF. These products are either coins or watches and the most important is that they are of limited edition and that is the reason they are called as Numismatics.

In technology, we have a product called in-voice and using this service; we can make international calls at a rate, which is 8- to 100% economical in contrast to the Local service provider.

The option is yours and irrespective of the product, the business is the same and in fact it is because of the business that we take a product!!!

The details pertaining to both the products can be obtained at http://portal.quest.net

Please go through the site and if in case you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to come back to me at the same e-mail address.

Please take the decision at the earliest so that we can start working fast.

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