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Thread: How to choose your Life Partner

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    Choosing your life partner is the most difficult task. Whether you do it or your parents, the task is equally pressurizing for both. The person thus chosen will be a part of your life. Itís thus, not a matter of a day or two. Itís the most important decision to make, which partly depends on destiny and partly on the measures that you take.

    Itís a lifeís decision and you must take it seriously. Choosing the person who will stay by your side for life is a big responsibility. Do it with care. Some of the steps involved and tips for how to choose your life partner are:

    Know your needs:
    It is very essential to identify the kind of person you want to spend your life with. First step in searching the right mate for yourself is to know your needs. You must know first what kind of person will entice you for life and keep you happy.

    Reciprocate your needs:

    After identifying your needs, you must reciprocate it to your family and friends, so that they can help you find your kind of mate. Incase you are approaching a marriage portal, you must tell them about your choice. This will help them scan the profiles and pick out the best ones for you.

    Research well on the person and his/her background:
    Before proceeding on the profile or profiles you need to check on the background of the person. If itís a love marriage, you still need to check on the background to be sure that the person doesnít turn out to be fake. It may not an emotional thing to do but indeed a practical option. You must know at least something about his/her past record before proceeding with the person for life.

    Fix a meeting or a date:

    Your next step is to fix your first meeting with the person. This may be a casual date or a serious meeting where you get to know about the person. The first meeting is important as this is where you get the first impression of the person. In case of love marriage, you must have done it already and wont need it again.

    Have a first impression:

    First impression is indeed the last impression. The impression you get after meeting him/her during the first date is the best one. Hence, make sure to notice everything about the person and have an opinion too.

    Talk openly:
    Talking helps you to open up with the person. This also brings out the real person in the prospect as he/she talks to you. You will get to know more and more about the person and also know if the person is interesting or boring. Talking will actually help you get the first impression of the prospect.

    Check if the person maintains an eye contact:

    While you talk, notice if the person is maintaining an eye contact with you. A genuine person will always maintain an eye contact while he/she talks. This is the first sign of knowing the person and a vital sign that needs to be noticed.

    Notice his/her actions:
    Notice if he/she is fidgety or nervous. There are different other sign that may impress you or put you off. Depending on these, you can choose your life partner.

    See if he/she pays respect:
    Respect is an important part of any relation. In a marital relationship, this is perhaps very important. During the meeting you must check if the person respects you. Notice the way he/she addresses you or talks to you.

    Take time to form an opinion:

    Do not jump into a conclusion. Take enough time to analyze all aspects, match him/her with your requirements and see if this is the perfect person to spend your life with.

    If all goes well, you can fix another meeting and know more about the personís likes and dislikes and other choices.

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    You should be together for sometime and then try understanding each others needs and then each others nature and try to know whether you can be together or not.

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