The Commissioner for Entrance Examination, Kerala has announced the schedule for admissions based on the third allotment to Professional Degree Courses, Kerala, 2012. All candidates who have an allotment in the Medical stream after the third allotment to be announced on the 5th of August, 2012 have to join the allotted college between 6th and 8th of August, 2012. No specific date/time has been specified for any course under the Medical stream

The courses are MBBS (MM), BDS (MD), BSc. Hons. (Agriculture) (AA), BVSc. & AH (AV), BHMS (BH), BFSc. (AF), BSc. Hons (Forestry) (FR) and BAMS (BA)
Those allotted to B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering) (AG), Food Engineering (FE) and Dairy Science & Technology (DS) will also have to join the college during this period.

For admission to the Engineering and Architecture courses, specific time schedule has been notified. There will two admission slots on each day, the morning slot being 9 am and the afternoon slot being 1 pm

Those allotted to Computer Science & Engineering, (CS), Applied Electronics (AE), Aeronautical Engineering (AO) and Architecture (AR) have to take admissions at 9 am on 6.8.2012.
At 1 pm on 6.8.2012, admission will be done to Mechanical Production Engineering (MP), Electrical & Electronics (EE), Civil Engineering (CE) and Automobile Engineering (AU).

On 7.8.2012, admissions will be made to Bio Medical Engineering (BM), Production Engineering (PE), Electronics & Communication (EC) and Bio Technology (BT) branches at 9 am, while at 1 pm on 7.8.2012, admissions will be made to Chemical Engineering (CH), Electronics & Instrumentation (EI), Food Technology (FT) and Polymer Engineering (PO).
On 8th August, 2012, candidates allotted to Mechanical Engineering (ME), Information Technology (IT), Mechanical Automobile (MA) and Instrumentation & Control Engineering (IC) will have to report for admission at 9 am.
At 1 pm on 8th August, those allotted to Industrial Engineering (IE), Printing Technology (PT), Metallurgy (MT) and Safety & Fire Engineering (FS) should report for admission.

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