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Thread: How The Chinese Communist Party Exerts and Maintains Control

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    Default How The Chinese Communist Party Exerts and Maintains Control

    The Chinese government is currently a one party system ruled by the Chinese Communist Party. There will never be another party in control under the current system. The people have no options for a governing body. Having one choice is having no choice.

    When a single group controls the executive, judicial and legislative branches of a government, there are no checks and balances. Without checks and balances, the CCP may act with impunity.

    As truly courageous lawyers in China have pointed out, the CCP dictates verdicts and rulings to the judiciary. This is not a valid mechanism for justice.

    Torture is a method of control. The Clearwisdom website does an outstanding job of covering the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Some of the torture methods utilized by law enforcement and security agents under the CCP include beatings, hanging by wires that cut to the bone, electric shock torture with electric batons, and exposure to extreme temperatures.

    Many other forms of torture have also been documented. Groups like Freedom House, Amnesty International and even the United States government also report on the practices utilized by those working for the Chinese Communist Party.

    Just as those brave lawyers have pointed to the CCP's control of the judiciary, it is hard to believe the CCP isn't behind the torture utilized by its employees. Yet, they vehemently deny anything is happening to the rest of the world.

    In order to exert its totalitarian control, the CCP must have complete access to personal information. To do business in China, foreign corporations will help the CCP by turning over information from private email accounts, chat room conversations and other information. The CCP will use this information to make an 'arrest'. The victim disappears either temporarily or permanently. Whether anyone hears what happens next is a dice roll.

    It is becoming increasingly difficult for the CCP to hide from the world what they do to people who speak out in favor of justice, democracy and basic freedoms. The Chinese Communist Party's secrets cannot always remain hidden.

    History has shown us time and time again that those who commit or permit extreme evil will be called to task, even if it takes decades. The long arm of universal justice will not be thwarted forever. Exposing this information may help the atrocities end sooner.

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    Well, at least, under communist government, starving people are minimal. I'd rather advocate a society of suppressed freedom but with filled stomach than a society of free-for-all
    but living indigenously.

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    Default Until where will they go?

    You see in many other Asian countries, Chiese people take control of economy (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand especially).
    We have impression that Chinese = rich.

    But, as you pointed out, inside of China, there is an enorm difference
    between the rich and the poor.
    The rich are the ones who have strong political connections to use their previlage to enrich themselves more.
    If many politicians are entrepreneurs and enrich themselves only, where is their "communist spirit"?

    Seems that the rich Chinese do not care about the poor.
    They exploit poor workers from countryside.
    Until where do they go with this self-centered enrichment?

    If there are any Chinese in the forum, please comment.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Until where will they go?

    Now dont get me wrong, im not racist

    imagine if the CCP dont have control! its quite hard to keep tab on 1.5 billion people.

    Regards, <>Sharpy<>

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    Default China is the future "super power"!

    The system that is in place in China is the only system that can succesfully be implemented there. If they move to kapitalistic system would see billion people unemployed. I have grown up in formar Yugoslavia and when my country changed from communisam to copitlisam.....we end up with tons of unemployed people. The compaies that use to employ 1000 people now they were employing 200-300 people. Think about that. Yes they became more profitable but who cares when you have 65 % uneployment in the country. This is why China can never become Kapitalistic country.


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