Dinosaurs and 3D technology in a film are no new to filmgoers, but a Tamil movie with both features is something they haven’t witnessed yet. Kollywood’s first brush with a Dinosaur movie in 3D will be 'Adhisaya Ulagam', which is set to hit screens on August 10.

Directed by Shakthi Scott, the film features actor Livingston, TV personalities Ananda Kannan and Prithvi among others.

Livingston plays a maverick scientist in the film whose time machine takes his grandson and granddaughter back to the era of dinosaurs.

Livingston joins them soon in their adventures with the dinosaurs and how they get back to the present is the plot of the film. The dinosaurs in 3D is said to be a treat to audiences as about 15 types of dinosaurs created graphically will be seen in the film.

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