Taapsee, the Punjabi girl who impressed with films like Aadukalam and Vandhan Vendran is currently shooting in Ladakh. Shooting is going on for her film with Gopichand being directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti. The actress has been keeping her fans updated about her Ladakh experience via Twitter. A short while earlier, a Buzkashi sequence was filmed. Buzkashi is the National sport of Afghanistan played on horseback. It was a risky sequence given the altitude they were shooting at and the number of horses used. Taapsee was initially apprehensive but later, she enjoyed the adrenaline rush.
Now she has tweeted about her latest adventure in Ladakh, “Had super fun rafting today in Ladakh valleys! 15 kms nonstop wid gushing water. First time ever tried it. Felt like I jst visited heaven!” Taapsee’s Tamil projects include Maranthein Mannithein and Vishnuvardhan’s next with Ajith.

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