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Thread: ...not only sachin, no one is spared in cricket.

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    Default ...not only sachin, no one is spared in cricket.

    ..criticism always come after defeat not follow the victory..and one team definately gonna loose the game, and will have some harsh words or voice for them. Not possible for every 11 players to perform the same and in the process few less performer become scapegoat. Though not every time responsibility to be fixed, game always produce high and law performances. And in the shorter version of game all these happen. Cheers for England. Cheers for India. Cheers for Cricket. Cricket Always produce Excitement, pump up the blood for lover , though not for faint hearted. Long Live Cricket.

    i do expressed this on my website regarding cricket and i firmly believe with Former captain of srilanka , rantunga what he said earlier that "Indians must learn to respect their hero" , it was regarding ganguly but apply to all our cricket stars who dominated great to our cricket and when they are just out of the form for a time being every one start uttering harsh words for him. I dont think its fair. And when its god of the cricket, sachin himself. one shud learn respect sachin.

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    Dear Harshad,

    Let me share my views to what you call "...not only sachin, no one is spared in cricket."

    Before that let me ask few questions -

    Q1- Who is criticising Sachin?

    Q2- Have you seen any protest by cricket loving people against Sachin's recent form in Cricket?

    Q3- Are we the kind of fanatic cricket lovers who believe in statistics before forming some perception?

    I am sure that none of them is the common people who love cricket. So, the question is from where we get this idea of "Endulakar" in our mind. It's the damn media friend on which we rely so much these days. They are the one who decide on what we should eat, wear, and what should we see. So, at the end of the day when Ranatunga said that "Indians must learn to respect their hero" - I feel, we should rephrase it as "Media must learn to restrain itself from tarnishing image of a self-made national Hero/icon"

    Having said that, I would like to add that there is something more than this which drives the force behind all this kind of faming - defaming movements. There are well paid agencies who plan the move and just wait for the right time.

    Would you disagree with me when I point out the timing of this Anti - Tendulkar move -

    a) Tendulkar contract (portfolio management) for the next term is pending. If his image as a national brand would tarnish, the competing companies would be the one to gain maximum from that. I mean to say, the situation would force him to sign the contracts in lesser money. That's a good deal.

    b) I don't want to comment over it but the timing of Tendulkar to take two months off from the active international cricket and all in the name of injury must have something to take with it. Public memory is very small and once he come back and plays a good knock, he would be back with a bang.

    In the end, it's not about an icon, or not about a hero or how does he play or who is defaming whom - Its all business.

    I am sure that you would love to read this thread Sachin Tendulkar vs Expectations

    Disclaimer - This is all my personal opinion and is not intended to hurt others feelings or tarnish one's image.

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    Welcome harshad to discussions and to bizhat

    I think its the suckin media which makes little things big
    there shud hav been some restrictions on events like this
    earlier its bcoz of media that the conflict between chapel and ganguly was made a gr8 issue

    I too think ganguly shudnt b out of the team like that
    And noe for sachin
    its the expectations which affects his form for sure
    and mos of them are due to media

    I hope sachin recovers soon and and hits hard on media

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    Default cricket

    Sachin should have been rested in mumbai test. Those who are not performing should be rested. He has not performed upto his mark, others were eager to perform, then why not give them a chance.
    talking about ganguly. selectors have not given any good reason for not selecting him. Now, if he perfoms in domestic he must be given chance to play at higher lever.


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