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Thread: New Grunge text Tutorial

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    Default New Grunge text Tutorial

    I wasn't the one who made up the tutorial, but I made it into a video.

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    I forgot to mention, it's the technique I used to make almost every name on this page

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    developer20064u Guest


    downloading a video is not possible for a dialup user..
    plz convert it to normal html tutorial with all the details..
    thank u

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    EDIT - Won't let me attach anything, so replace the word "attachement" with the word "link".

    This is what you'll end up with

    Sure. why not, prepare for plentiful Double posting.

    We'll see if I can finish this in 20 minutes.

    Step 1: Find a picture on google that has alot of detail(Most likely a tree)
    Something like the first attachement

    Step 2: Hold control and Hit U and move the saturation all the way to -100(All the way to the left) To remove color. The step 2 picture doesn't look much different, because it was almost already in black and white.

    Step 3: Use Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness/contrast and move contrast to 100(All the way to the right). Your image should look similar to the step 3 picture.

    Step 4: Hold control and hit A and use edit -> Define brush preset
    Click ok.

    Step 5: Start a new document 500 x 500 px and write your Word in there.
    Font: Century or Romantic
    Size: 76

    Step 6: Click the eraser tool, and use spatter 59 px for a brush. Click in the canvas then click ok to rasterize type. Now begin to erase certain portions, only with single clicks, don't hold down the left click button. Don't erase too much in one area, or too little in another.

    Step 7: Now change your brush to the tree brush, the overall brush should be atleast 4 times the size of the text. Apply it once or twice to the text(One or two clicks) and make sure you can still read it afterwards.

    Step 8: Click image -> Trim
    Click ok

    You're done.

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