Renault India earlier rebadged Nissan Micra and launched its Renault Pulse, which is much plusher and has a very sporty feel. Renault Pulse is a diesel car and received raving reviews as soon as it was launched in the Indian car market. Continuing it’s re-badging, Renault India is working on a sedan in a very hush-hush manner. Apparently, this new sedan is said to be the rebadged Nissan Sunny Sedan. However, it is not yet conformed whether it will come to India any time soon, but rumors in the market suggest that the car might hit the Indian roads by the month of October 2012. This sedan by Renault will be named as Renault Scala . Scala is a French word, which means Scale. Its name denotes the vast and impressive dimensions and ample amount of space.

Renault and Nissan have been working jointly in collaboration in India and they have a joint manufacturing unit located in Chennai, where both Renault and Nissan cars are manufactured. At this point of time, there is no information as to what will be major changes between Nissan Sunny sedan and Renault Scala. But, speculations suggest that the front end of Renault Scala will be more luxurious and few modifications will be done at the rear end. The branding and re-badging will result in some more advanced comfort features.

Talking about the Renault Scala specifications, the new Renault Scala is expected to be launched in diesel variant as was the case with Renault Pulse. It would be really smart move by Renault to introduce the diesel variant of Scala first considering the high demand for diesel cars in India these days. However, the petrol variant of the sedan can be launched few months after the launch of the diesel variant. The car is likely to be powered with K9KE424 1.5 litre of diesel Renault motor, which would churn out about 86 BHP of peak power along with 200 Nm of maximum torque. While the petrol version Scala sedan will probably be blessed with 1.5 litre of petrol engine, which would generate 97 BHP of power accompanied with 134 Nm of torque. The engine would be mated with five speed manual transmission, which would be standard. However, there are chances that Renault might also couple the engine with four speed automatic transmission. With five speed manual transmission and strong and dynamic engine, the fuel efficiency of the car is expected to beyond 20 km per litre, which is highly impressive.

On the inside, Renault Scala 2012 is likely to be much more spacious and could be jam-packed with numerous premium features. The price tag is still under the hood, but hopefully the company will give Scala an affordable and competitive price tag that would help Renault to fetch huge revenue.

It would be really exciting to see how many variants Renault offer for Scala and what additional features will it bless the sedan with. According to the grapevine, Renault Scala could be offered in two or three variants with numerous lavish features. The pricing will be done accordingly.

Renault has been successful in making its mark in the Indian car market with its Renault Fluence sedan, Renault Koleos SUV and Renault Pulse hatchback. The company is working very hard in expanding its portfolio in the country and hopefully Renault Scala will help the firm to move forward in the Indian car market.

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