Tom Cruise's personal life has taken yet another turn for the bizarre and unsettling with a new exposť from Vanity Fair magazine. In it, writer Maureen Orth claims that the superstar actor and his always-watchful Scientology handlers held auditions in 2004 to find him a suitable mate following his divorce from Nicole Kidman, who proved increasingly resistant to the ways of the church as her status in Hollywood rose.

Portions released early by the magazine have already revealed several shocking details: that the women weren't told the real reason they were videotaping auditions; that the chosen woman, a beautiful, Iranian-born honors graduate named Nazanin Boniadi, was cut off from her family and prompted to break off her engagement as part of her grooming period; that she drew the ire of Cruise and Scientology leader David Miscavige over minor things perceived to be major acts of insubordination; that Cruise would not break up with her directly and would not acknowledge her as she was forced to vacate his home; that Boniadi was banished to Scientology headquarters in Clearwater, Fla., where she was humiliated by being forced to clean toilets with toothbrushes and dig ditches in the dead of night, all the while forbidden to tell anyone what had just happened to her.

But the full story, which hit store shelves and mailboxes Thursday, goes even deeper into the strange, controlling ways of the Church of Scientology -- who deny every claim.

Here then are seven new revelations:

1. Nicole Kidman is the Enemy

Following their divorce, Kidman was determined by the church to be a Suppressive Person, or S.P., and therefore an enemy to all Scientologists. Orth writes that Kidman was deemed to be a threat to "the spiritual well-being of Cruise and [their adopted children] Bella and Connor." The children in turn rejected Nicole, as instructed, and later told a family friend, "Our mom's an S.P. -- we hate going and seeing her." Church members were also forbidden from seeing any movie starring the actress.

2. Celebrity Secrets, Safe From No One

After Cruise's relationship with Penelope Cruz ended (she was dismissed by Miscavige as being a "dilettante" because she refused to give up her Buddhist beliefs), Cruise underwent a rigorous course of auditing -- long interrogation sessions during which the subject is required to reveal painful and deeply personal information about themselves. The sessions were taped using hidden cameras embedded inside lamps and furniture to capture all of Cruise's confessions.

Miscavige would then reveal the secrets on those tapes to entertain whomever he was with, Orth writes. Miscavige allegedly did the same with the auditing reports of Lisa Marie Presley during her marriage to Michael Jackson, as well as longtime Scientologist Kirstie Alley. But it was Cruise's revelations about his sex life that most delighted Miscavige. "He would roll his eyes and say, 'Jeez, can you believe it?'" one insider recalls.

3. First-Round Picks: Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara

Cruise "was reportedly unable to entice a number of beautiful, well-known actresses" to become his future wife, according to the story. Among them, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson.

4. Love At First Sight

After month-long preparations in which she had no idea what her "special mission" was to entail, Boniadi was then flown to New York from the West Coast, where she met Cruise at the city's Scientology center. After a day of sightseeing surrounded by a group of church handlers -- including ice skating at Rockefeller Center, which had been closed to the public for the occasion -- the two were finally left alone to spend the night together on an entire floor of Trump Tower. Vanity Fair cites multiple sources who say no sex happened that night, but that Cruise announced, "I've never felt this way before."

5. Tooth Filing

It was not long before Boniadi was deemed to be insufficient. She was instructed to remove her braces months before schedule, remove highlights from her hair, and, Orth writes, "Cruise wanted Boniadi's incisor teeth filed down."

6. Gifts From Spielberg

Cruise received a gift from Steven Spielberg, who directed him at the time in War of the Worlds: a hand-painted Honda Rune motorcyle, decorated with War of the Worlds-inspired imagery. According to John Brousseau, a former Cruise bodyguard and the man tasked with custom-modifying much of Cruise's cutting-edge vehicle fleet and array of hi-tech toys, Cruise demanded that the motorcyle be sanded down and painted red to resemble one owned by Miscavige.

7. Martin Holmes' Fight For His Daugher

Like Boniadi, Katie Holmes, who started dating Cruise shortly after Boniadi was expelled from his life, disappeared entirely for several weeks after they first met. Neither ever lived alone, and Holmes was assigned Jessica Handler, the same woman who shadowed Boniadi 24 hours a day. Concerned that his daughter was getting in too deep with the church, Holmes' father Martin Holmes, an Ohio-based divorce attorney, sought advice from a Scientology expert for what to do. After the birth of Suri, Martin was one of the architects of a pre-nup agreement that "reportedly filled five bankers' boxes." It is cited as the reason a divorce settlement was reached just 11 short days after Holmes' bombshell divorce filing from Cruise.

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