The original screen test which Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet gave for James Cameronís Titanic has been unveiled as part of the filmís release this week on Blu-Ray. Paramount has unveiled the then 19-year-old Winsletís eight-minute screen test, where she was seen opposite actor Jeremy Sisto in the role of Jack Dawson instead of Leonardo DiCaprio, reported Deadline Hollywood.
Winslet, who was relatively unknown then, fought with heavyweight names like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow for the lead role in the epic tale sending the 58-year-old director a rose with a note that read, ďIím ready.Ē
The video footage shows her dressed in period clothes and standing in a set of her cabin room, reading out a lengthy scene which includes lines that featured in the movie. It was the first real scene between her and Dawson, for which Clueless star Sisto was auditioning.
ďIím sure I wasnít really a very good actress,Ē Winslet had said earlier this year while recounting her time on the movie.
Cameron said about her casting, ďA 19-year-old girl who was going to carry a film of that scale on her shoulders, itís a huge responsibility. Youíre standing on set surrounded by 2,000 extras and all the lights and cameras are pointed at you. If you donít pull it off, it doesnít work. A lot of people would have imploded at that, but she didnít.Ē
The blockbuster has taken over USD 2 billion at the worldwide box office, and is the second most successful film of all time, behind Cameronís Avatar.

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