A little old but certainly one of the best games.

Name game: warcraft 3
Developer: blizzard
Genre: strategy
Release year: 2002

To describe an excellent strategy game similar to say he warcraft 3. What is this game sets it apart from other strategy games there like garbage?, Why he set the bar about playing Hasrtgy? Read this review to find out.


The plot of warcraft long and complicated than write it here. Knowledge, started her 11 books, three series of comics and action film which will be released at an estimated cost of $ 100 million. Who says recession?. What you need to know to this day humans and orcs fought them quietly without being interrupted them, but now, a mighty army invaded the world of the dead threatens to destroy the world if everyone did not Itiitbo him together.

Another book in a series of warcraft


In warcraft 3 gameplay so fun and easy that will no fans of the genre start to love it and fans of the genre just tremendous pleasure. Control is so simple and easy making terrible game and fast speeds. Mano a single unit called a hero to control your other units. The hero is much more powerful and can do a large number of magic. Dominated the battlefield by the hero!. During the fighting hero levels will develop if you look you will find items that will increase the power Booty hero but watch out, most of these objects are protected by neutral creatures will try to kill you no matter who you are. Ordered your workers to collect wood or gold mines gold mines. Timber will have plentiful, but the gold Titztrko fight! conquered neighboring cities to take their gold or find abandoned mines. course you need to worry about protecting workers walking alone in the woods. army marches on its stomach which is unknown., you can not raise huge armies even if you have enough money and wood. has The maximum amount you can give. You can build guest to increase the quota of your food but only up to a point. Consider what more should you: the giant bull rations consumed 20 or 20 ordinary soldiers who consume 20 servings food? (example) Fight with types different and is remarkably balanced separate units, each other a good case.

Photo from the battlefield in warcraft 3

Soviet people. Soviet military men are the most multi-purpose in warcraft. With ground troops and air are good, great siege of capacity and power bars magic Kebbi

Tribe of orcs. Tribe has the best ground units in the game whether it's the brutal GRUNT or huge bull. Tribe has land units and modest range, but its true power lies brutal force and intensity of fighting face to face with the warriors.

Dead animals. Living dead are well balanced faction that can bring to the battlefield reasonable ground forces and powerful air units. Their magic bullion control powerful magic has everyone afraid of her ability, the coup Rowe Hiimbveni fallen allies and opponents and turn them into an army of the walking dead.

Alps. Alps are mighty race that emphasizes mobility long-range firepower and the use of magic. They do not have the physical strength of other races but their abilities with a bow and magic make up for it.