Rapper Kanye West has reportedly asked girlfriend Kim Kardashian to take style tips from Duchess Catherine. The 35-year-old believes his girlfriend of six months could learn a lot from the British royal’s “poise and sophistication” along with her conservative style, reported Femalefirst.
“Kanye has been urging Kim to tone down her make-up and style her hair in a more conservative style, like Kate. And it’s not just Kate’s regal look that Kanye wants Kim to mimic. He’s also told her that she could learn a thing or two about poise and sophistication from Kate,” a source said.
Kim Kardashian, 31, had said that Kanye West has managed to convince her to live her life at a slower pace and focus less on her work and more on her personal life. “I’ve slowed down a little bit and for the better. It was a good lesson learned. I now make it a priority to take time out for myself and have private vacations,” she had said.

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