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    Anyone seen this flick yet? I gotta say its not too shabby... not as good as the original though.

    I'll try give a review WITHOUT spoiling anything.

    None of the original characters return unsurprisingly, and the plot is pretty weak, with a few twists and turns to spice things up. The movie has several semi-matrimonial themes that are indeed an interesting concept, and dealt with in a rather inventive (if not downright disgusting) way.

    If you're expecting a good ol' fashioned slow tingly movie with shocks few and far between, instead relying primarily on atmospheric dread and suspense, then I'm sorry to say that this ain't what you're looking for. Unlike the original, this movie is a shock-a-thon, throwing a ghostly 'Boo!' out at you every two minutes, leaving you no time to catch your breath, and little time to realize how trashy the actual plot really is.

    That being said, there are quite a few remarkable ghostly scenes in it that will haunt me for a few nights at least. Most, however, are 'borrowed' or reinterpretated from the first movie it seems, and there is little new in this film except for the matrimonial... things. This film can be pretty much be seen as a stand-alone movie, as it doesn't really add or take away anything from the original, and is more like the shlocky cousin...

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    Didnt even know it was out yet.

    The first one was OK, but Im not a big horror fan.


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