From The Dirty Picture to a clean India, actress Vidya Balan has switched gears as the newly appointed brand ambassador for Clean India campaign. Dressed in a cream printed sari and her signature backless blouse, Vidya was a picture of poise, making it clear that this was the perfect campaign for her to lend her face and time. “It’s poetic justice. My family would always say you should get involved with cleanliness and its amazing how this came my way. I would like to be involved with this for the entire decade till we make India absolutely clean. I would want to be present at one of the yatras,” the actress said.
As newly-appointed brand ambassador for the Nirmal Bharat Yatra, she will raise awareness and change behaviour around sanitation and hygiene along with the ministry for drinking water and sanitation. Vidya made it clear that political aspirations are farthest from her mind.
“I respect Rekhaji a lot but I dont see myself in parliament or in politics. Films is what I am good at and thats what I will do,” she said.
When a journalist quipped about post retirement plans, the actress said, “I hope I never retire.”
And it was obvious that this question would be posed to one of the most eligible women in the industry. So when is the D-day? We have been hearing wedding bells are soon to chime?
Vidya replied to it by saying, “Main shaadi karungi abhi nahi, time hai”
After making fans dance to her tunes with The Dirty Picture, Vidya hopes to make cleanliness a national obsession.

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