Blessy who has already shot the pregnancy and baby birth of Shwetha Menon inside the hospital room in Nanavathy hospital , Mumbai for his new movie titled 'Kalimannu' says that he is for the first time following a non definite scripting pattern for the movie.He has also shot a few sequences featuring the actress in her various stages of pregnancy much earlier.The director points out that even in films with completed scripts, he used to add or delete something as per the situations available at the locations.

And so the director was expecting remarkakle things to happen that could guide him in his scripting while he will be in editing table. Let's wait and see whether the director had been able to assimilate something more notable than the ones that he was expecting, while plying with the idea.

Interestingly, Kalimannu is the fourth film for which Shwetha had greased paints on her face, after getting pregnant. Her one film titled 'Aakasmikam' shot a couple of months ago has her as a pregnant lady fearful about the isolation that she faces in her lonely flat, situated in the heart of the city.

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