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Thread: Windows XP in Malayalam

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    Default Windows XP in Malayalam

    Bill Gates announced that Microsoft plans to
    release a windows version in Malayalam. Here are some Windows related terms that are proposed to be used in the Malayalam version of
    .........Janalukal XP ( Windows XP ):
    1.Phayal = File
    2.Rakshikkooo = Save
    3.Ingine Rakshikkooo = Save as
    4.Ellarem Rakshikkooo= Save All
    5.Enne Rakshikkooo = Help
    6.Thappoo = Find
    7.Pinnem Thappoo = Find Again
    8.Maroo = Move
    9.Ezhuthu = Mail
    10.Ezhuthukaran = Mailer
    11.Aduthu Vannu Nokkoo= Zoom
    12.Doore Ninnu Nokkoo= Zoom Out
    13.Thurakkoo = Open
    14.Adakkoo = Close
    15.Puthan = New
    16.Pazhanjan = Old
    17.Mattadey = Replace
    18.Odedey= Run
    19.Achadikkoo = Print
    20.Nokki Achadikkoo = Print Preview
    21.Thundu Nokki Ezhuthu =Copy
    22.Murikkoo = Cut
    23.Ottikkoo = Paste
    24. Prathyekam Ottikkoo= Paste Special
    25.Eduthu kalayedey = Delete
    26.Kazhcha = View
    27.Aayudhangal = Tools
    28.Aayudhangalde (Videsha Madhyam)Shaap = Toolbar
    29.Viricha Paaya= Spreadsheet
    30.Vittu Pidi = Exit
    31.Maram = Tree
    32.Vannamarthoo = Compress
    33.Mooshikan = mouse
    34.Tik Cheyyoo = Click
    35.Tik Tik Cheyyoo = Double Click
    36.Munnottu - Forward
    37. Scroll (Videsha Madhyam)Shaap = Scrollbar

    1. MICROSOFT WINDOWS 2000 - Athisookhshma
    > Minusam(microsoft)
    Janalukal (windows) Lakkam (version)
    Randayiram (2000)"
    2. Double Click with the left mouse button
    Mooshikante edathey chevi pidichu randu pottikkal
    > kodukku

    Sarvasadharana samrakshanathinu kozhappam
    4. 'This program has performed an illegal
    * "Abort, Retry or Ignore" ? "Ee paripadi
    > niyamavirudha
    karyangalil earpettoo
    Kurachu menakkedu(athrakku sukhikkanda)(retry),
    5. MS POWERPOINT - Athisookhshma Minusam
    > Shakthibindhu
    6. MS WORD 6 - Athisookhshma Minusam Vaakku Aaru

    7. ACCESS - Praveshanumathi
    8. FOXPRO - Kurukkavidhwan
    9. VISUAL C++ - Kazhchayil C Irattiyadhikam
    10. OFFICE 2000 - Jolisthalam randayiram
    11. Internet Explorer - Korthu-vala Thorappan
    12. Lotus Notes - Thamara Thaalukal
    13. ACCESS DENIED - Praveshanam Nishiddham

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    Default Smart Farmer

    Farmer John lived on a quiet rural highway. But, as time went by, the
    traffic built up at an alarming rate. The traffic was so heavy and so
    fast that his chickens were being run over at a rate of three to six a

    So one day Farmer John called the sheriff's office and said, "You've got
    to do something about all of these people driving so fast and killing
    all of my chickens."

    "What do you want me to do?" asked the sheriff.

    "I don't care," said Farmer John. "Just do something about these crazy

    So the next day he had the county workers go out and erected a sign that

    Three days later Farmer John called the sheriff and said, "You've got to
    do something about these drivers. The 'school crossing' sign seems to
    make them go even faster."

    So, again, the sheriff sends out the county workers and they put up a
    new sign:
    SLOW: CHILDREN AT PLAY. But that sped them up even more!

    So Farmer John kept calling, and the sheriff kept changing the signs.

    Finally, Farmer John said to the sheriff, "Your signs are doing no good.
    Can I put up my own sign?"

    The sheriff was ready to let Farmer John do just about anything in order
    to get him to stop calling every day. He said, "Sure thing, put up your
    own sign."

    And after that, the sheriff got no more calls from Farmer John.

    Three weeks later, curiosity got the best of the sheriff and he decided
    to give Farmer John a call. "How's the problem with those drivers? Did
    you put up your sign?"

    "Oh, I sure did. And not one chicken has been killed since then. I've
    got to go. I'm very busy." He hung up the phone.

    The sheriff was really curious now and he thought to himself "I'd better
    go out there and take a look at that sign... it might be something that
    WE could use to slow down drivers..."

    So the sheriff drove out to Farmer John's house, and his jaw dropped the
    moment he saw the sign. It was spray-painted on a sheet of wood:

    *** Go slow and watch out for the chicks ***

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    i have even seen windows xp in tamil , telugu

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    wierd but kool anywayz lol

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    not funni anywayz cool


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