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Thread: !-=KoW=-Xisle's Star explosion photoshop tutorial

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    Default !-=KoW=-Xisle's Star explosion photoshop tutorial

    This is a tutorial on how to make an effect similar to this in photoshop cs2

    Step 1) Start a new document 500 x 500 px in size with a white backround.

    Step 2) Hit D to select default colors (Black for foreground and White for backround)

    Step 3) Hold control and hit A to select the whole canvas

    Step 4) Hold control and hit I to invert all the colors.

    Step 5) Use Filter -> Texture -> Grain
    Intensity: 20
    Contrast: 50
    Grain Type: Sprinkles

    Step 6) Use Filter -> Blur -> Radial blur
    Amount: 100
    Blur Method: Zoom
    Quality: Best

    Step 7) Use Filter -> Render -> Lens Flare
    Center the light(Click in the middle of the small preview box.)
    Brightness: 116%
    Lens type: 105mm Prime

    Step 8) Copy that layer by dragging your background layer to the new layer symbol.

    Step 9) You should now have 2 layers: "Backround" and "Background copy".
    Change the blending options on the layer named "background copy" to multiply

    Step 10) Make sure you have the "Background copy" layer selected, and hold control, then hit E, to merge the two layers.

    Step 11) Hold control and hit R to show rulers.

    Step 12) Hit View -> New Guide
    Orientation: Vertical
    Position: 50%

    Step 13) Hit View -> New Guide
    Orientation: Horizontal
    Position: 50%

    Step 14)You Have two choices you can either
    A) Run through steps 1-12 on my grunge header tutorial, select that brush, hold ALT and click where the two guides(Blue lines) intersect.(What I did)

    B) Select the Text Tool, Hold alt, click where the two lines intersect and write whatever you want there.

    Step 15)There are two ways to do this one
    If you have a symmetrical letter in the middle of your word you should:
    A) Use Filter -> Render -> Lens Flare(What I did)
    Have the lens flare be in the middle of the word (Click in the middle of the small preview box)
    Brightness: 36%
    Lens type: 105mm Prime

    Or if the letter in the middle isn't symmetrical
    B) Use Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness/Contrast
    Brightness: +28
    Contrast: 0

    Step 16) Select the rectangular Marquee Tool
    Hold Alt and click in intersection of the two lines, make sure you select your whole text

    Step 17) Hold control and hit C to copy

    Step 18) Hit file new, the height and width should have already been changed.

    Step 19) Hold control and hit V, and you're finished

    Show me what you come up with[/img]

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    Yes really good for creating this type os signature ...

    Thanks for share KoW...

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    That was the point, someone asked me how to make my signature.

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    Default nice teaching.

    hay man nice work and thanks for showng us how you did it. but i m really feeling sad that i m not able to make like that .... when i do 3rd step that is "invert colors" it shows some error like feild is empty.

    R0bot 8)

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    I'd probably have to jump to conclusions and say you are missing the code to invert...

    Or the Control+I keyboard shortcut was changed.. Eitherway, you can just fill the screen with black, rather than inverting.


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