Rules not meant to be broken

1.First of and above all is thread naming rule
There have been enough junk/spam thread going on this section.
People creating thread with meaningless subjects.
Topics with subject such as
"HELP ME" doesn't give u any idea of what you are asking.
therefore making it harder for the non-newbie people to answer questions or reading questions which who is not familiar with.
Therefore from this point on, any post with meaningless subject line will be
DELETED without notification!
So name the topic with the trouble or query you want to make
that will make us and others easy to read

2.For Queries related to forum problems
there is a new sub-forum
Post queries there. Here queries related to Free web hosting only

3.For upgrades post here
You must have 10 non-spam post to be eligible for upgrades

4.To have a Free web hosting
You must have 5 non-spam posts
It may take sometime to setup your account. If for any reasons you dont get account info
for more than 3 days then contact our Admin "Nokia"
Make a Private message to him

5. No Porn Please
No porn of any kind and in any form here
No porn images or movie clips or animations
you will be warned 2 times and u'll get ban next time you repeat
If you post animal sex or child porn u'll be banned instantly

6. No Unnecessary Topics
This forum is just for Free web hosting support
any other topics will be deleted and not moved to anywhere
I repeat topics other than asking for hosting support will be deleted
without informing or any sort of warning
And According to rule 7 you may have to face ban for that
2 warnings. 3rd time ban

7. Bad language used
2 warnings. 3rd time ban

8. Advertising
If user has 10+ posts then 1 warning nextime ban
If user has less than 10 posts 2 warnings 3rd time ban
Also after banning him all the advertised posts should be edited/deleted
If advertising is done through signature all the posts should be deleted

9. Giving e-mail ID's
If user has 10+ posts then 1 warning nextime ban
If user has less than 10 posts 2 warnings 3rd time ban
Also after banning him all the posts containing e-mail ID should be edited/deleted
If e-mail ID is in signature all the posts should be deleted

10. Replies with repeated letters like ggggg, fhffgfhf etc.
If user does this continuos in 3 posts then 1st warning
If repeats this again in 2 continuos posts then 2nd warning
3rd time ban
His posts may b deleted if needed

11. Irrelevant replies to the topic
If the user has 10+ posts then 1st warning
If continues after 1st waarning 2nd warning should be given
3rd time ban

12. Replying with quoting others reply only
This should be given only 1 warning
When repeated he should be banned
Thats because one who can quote others message has knowledge of postings in forums

13. Repeating same reply message
2 warnings, 3rd time ban

14. Links leading to virus files
Any user giving links to .pif,.com,.bat,.exe files is banned instantly. No warnings
For exe files exception is self extracting archives and softwares
If .bat files are needed for combining the parts then they should be given as text files
The user may then rename the file to .bat file

15. No Hi,Hello, Newbie threads
Though said as "General Discussion" there should be no threads which will have
subject as Hi.Hellow, I'm a newbie etc. Such threads should be in "Introduce Yourself" forum

If somehow you find your thread is missing then search for the topic using search.
If you dont find it then serch in the proper forum related to the topic
Else search it in spam bin
If you dont find it Conatct MODs/Admins


And your replies to the posts are invaluable. the comments you post help user
So please do reply to the threads and encourage them

Thanks for reading the rules and these rules are not meant to be broken
So be careful

Hoping for your co-operation
Your friendly Moderator