The Provisional Rank list of candidates who have appeared for the Entrance Examination for admission to Post Graduate Degree Courses in Pharmacy - 2012 conducted on 23.09.2012 at Thiruvananthapuram has been published by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations. While preparing the rank list, one question has been deleted based on an expert committee opinion sought with respect to the complaints raised by candidates regarding the questions/answer keys. This question has not been included for valuation and no marks have been awarded for this deleted question to any candidate. The total marks obtained for 199 questions have been multiplied by (200/199) to get the actual marks (corrected to four decimals). The above formula is applied to award proportionate marks based on the score of the candidates in the questions considered for valuation (excluding deleted question) to compensate the loss of marks for the deleted question. The answer keys of some of the questions also have been altered based on the expert committee opinion.

Inclusion of a candidate in the rank list does not entitle him/her for admission to the courses, unless he/she satisfies the eligibility conditions as contained in the Government approved Prospectus for admission to P.G Pharmacy Courses - 2012. The Director of Medical Education, Thiruvananthapuram will make allotment and admissions as per the conditions laid down in the Prospectus.

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