Hello everybody,
Saw lot of my fellow members sites, all I want to say
is all of you are really passoniate about your site and
you all are working hard, 'congrats everybody'.

One thing I feel you all are misssing is "way to biuld rappo'
with your site visitors. You are having fourms,
guest comment colums,etc,. But thats not enough to do the job,
YOU must have a system to keep in touch with your visitors on
a more personal level (just as his best friend).

This will help you in the future, the visitors will remain loyal
to you for a long time.

Well, most of the fourm members are young, brilliant and
very passionate with their work, some of you are making
some money from your site but mostly everybody are
taking it as a hobby.

Friends I just can't say in words how much talent and potential
all of you are having (considering most of you are very young).

I will advise you can turn your hobby, your passion into a full
fledged business. Friends, all I want to point out is- please try
to buld your opt-in email list.

For this reason, try to give more importance to collect email
address by opt-in method. Though some of you are doing it
but you are not giving it much importance (compared to other
contents on the site)Also try to develop a news letter
or ezine.

Operating a news letter or ezine helps to be in touch with your
visitors in a more personal way, it will create a much better bond
between both of you.

Sorry taken lot of you time, HOPE THIS MIGHT BE HELPFULL. If
you need any help on this subject don't hesitate to pm, I will try
to respond ASAP and as humanly possible.

Your friend