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Thread: Back pain causes

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    Default Back pain causes

    Hello all, any one experienced back pain?? It is seriously the worst pain of human body. Understanding the cause of your back pain is the key to proper treatment. Here are some causes of back pain.
    1. Lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling incorrectly.
    2. Over Stretching.
    3. Overuse of the muscles like in sports.
    5. Being overweight

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    For back pain, there are many medicine for it. You can take this. But if you like to take natural therapy, you should do some thing.
    You can do some exercise which can help your back. But one think remember,, don't take hard exercise, because it will totally damage your back. You should eat healthy food. At last you should go to a better doctor who can really help you. Thank you for share your problem. If any problem has, please share with us. We can suggest you happily.


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