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Thread: How I eliminated most of my anxiety!!

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    Default How I eliminated most of my anxiety!!

    So i thought I'd share this with anyone who seems to get anxious for no reason!!
    Ive tried meditation, medication...... didnt work.... number one i meditation i gave up on, number two medication gave up on me....

    But the only thing that seems to work for me is eating meat, fruit, and vegetables only! No carbs, grains, breads.... etc...

    Try it! even if it doesnt get rid of it all im sure you'll notice some type of difference in your energy levels :) i am able to concentrate much longer when I eat this way!!

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    Hi, Thanks for the post.
    I think no meditation will help you for this perfectly. I think you should find the reason of anxiety. If you want to know that, when i anxious, what do i do then. I believe that if you can find the reason of anxiety, your mind will be peace. Find the reason and solve it. For solving, take your friend help. If it doesn't work, You should contact the doctor and tell him everything.


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