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Thread: hey admin, I need help

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    Default hey admin, I need help

    I donít know if this is possible for you to do but I forgot my password for my web domain. I had a problem one time with my password so I changed it to something else and now I honestly donít remember what I changed it to, because I havenít been around to update my page (no time) and now I got time and wanted to go back and update it and I forgot what my password was. Is there any way you could restart that account for me?

    Another problem is itís signed up on my other account [email protected] which got hacked a while ago so I lost that too, I tired clicking the ďforgot my passwordĒ but all it does is send the password to that old email My new email is [email protected]

    If you can help me here in any way it would be appreciated

    my domain is

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    In my opinion you must provide the original Email which was sent to you from BIZHAT confirming that it's really you. Information about your account, becuase in reality anyone can say this is my website and I lost my password and give me new one. Get it?


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