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Thread: How do u find new customers?

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    Default How do u find new customers?

    With so many businesses how do u find an unique product (services) to attract new people

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    Default How to find a unique product

    Hi toys4cheapstore, thats a really nice question,
    This is something which generally is a tough nut
    to crack for new online marketers.

    By the way I don't know about you and your
    experience as an online marketer, I am not a
    guru, but wharever practical knowledge I have
    I won't mind sharing with you.

    I am giving you some tips, more than that it's
    not possible or else I might have to write an
    e-book. Here are the tips:

    If you are a newbie plese don't create a
    a product of your own, atleast for the time
    being, better join an affiliate program and
    promote it, don't join more than 3 program,
    do it for atleast 3 months and alongside
    learn the tricks of online marketing.

    If you are a bit experienced and if you have
    a hobby or if you are passionate about any
    particular subject, search for it on your favourite
    search engine.

    Suppose you like photography search the keyword
    in google,yahoo,msn etc . Just by looking at the
    result you can know weither there is a market or
    not. There are also lot of keyword tools which will
    help you know how many searches are done on
    a perticular keyword in a perticular month or day.

    Before you start creating your product remember it's
    best not to bang your head where there is lot of
    compitition. It's better if you opt in for a Nice Market.

    Suppose your subjet is photography please don't
    make a site and a product on the keyword"photography"
    narrow down your search, you can use the keyword as
    "star in action photographs", "animal in nature
    photographs" etc.

    Though the number of searches will go down yet you will
    get visitors who are intrested in your subject only, your
    visitors to customers conversion ratio will also be high.

    Once you found the right keyword create your product,
    it can be an e-book, e-report, service anything. Well if
    doing that is beyond your capacity hire someone, it's
    easily avialiable online . One good site for this is elance.

    One more tip, fourms are great place to find products
    be a member of the fourm which relate to your subject.
    You will get to know what the people in general need.

    Hope this tips might be of some help to you. If you want
    more just pm me, I will be willing to help you.

    To your success

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    Default Re: How do u find new customers?

    your contomer base this whole world..
    just u need to show then what can u sale ...
    that is called web marketing..
    throught web marketing you will get moretraffic .......

    how to get traffic

    internet marketing

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    Default Very good question...

    I'm no expert, but I'll share with you some points that stuck in my mind from all the programs I wasted money on and others where the money was well spent.

    1. First of all, it can't be so unique to where there's no market. have a magic pill you can pop in your gas tank that
    makes your car get 1000 miles per gallon. GREAT IDEA!!
    BUT, how many people are searching for a magic pill
    that gives your care 1000 miles per gallon? No one! So
    no one will buy it or even think to look for there you
    sit, a great idea worth nothing...unless you have millions
    of dollars to spend in marketing. So, more importantly than
    trying to find a unique product is the fact there HAS to be a
    market for it! SUPPLY/ have the supply(magic
    pill) but no you'll fail.

    everyone else is giving it to them...that's where you've got to do
    some research and find out what people are looking for, then pick
    the thing they're looking for that has the least amount of

    BOTTOM LINE>.....Don't create a market....fill one!

    2. After you find something...what do you do? You have to let people
    know you have it? HOW? Advertising...plain and simple. How do
    you do that? Good question!!! There are free ways of doing it, and
    expensive ways. Depends on your budget. A hot seller this year is
    supposed to be that silly little "elmo" doll. By now, I'd imagine,
    there are a ton of sellers for it, but it's in hot demand. eBay is
    good, because people come looking for you, you don't have to go
    out and search for traffic,,,traffic comes to you. So, if you find
    something that's in pretty good demand, or even just mediocre
    demand, i'd say start selling on eBay, then take some of those
    profits and buy a few ebooks on Internet Marketing, advertising,
    etc...then go from there.

    Hope this helped a little!

    God Bless,


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    That was nice summary Eddy, all realistic !
    Thanks much

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    1sell people needs .it's competitive,the key to win others is on quality,price.Anyway,price is the key,key,key.

    2sell people don't's a potential market without developing,you have the chance to lead it.But first,you should turn the no needs goods into interested goods.

    3 I know a registered company who offer fine and cheap artworks,maybe it's helping.


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