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    Chevrolet Sail UVA is certainly one of the most anticipated hatchbacks to be launched in India. The UVA is stylish and will be offered with petrol engine options, one being 1.2 litre of S-TEC II. The engine is dynamic and responsive and makes sure that the car gives on a high performance. Apparently, the small engine will produce about 80.5 PS of peak power along with 108 Nm of peak torque . One could also expect a diesel version of Chevrolet Sail UVA from General Motors, which would feature 1.3 litre of multi jet diesel engine taken from Fiat. This Fiat engine will guarantee Chevrolet Sail UVA to perform remarkably and churn out inspiring amount of power and torque so that owners get a very mind-blowing driving experience altogether.

    The brand new Chevrolet Sail UVA is surely a nice looking car and it certainly seems that General Motors India has worked very hard on its looks. So far, according to GM India, the new Chevrolet Sail UVA will arrive in India by the end of 2012 and it has been specially made for world’s most flourishing markets out of which India is the most prominent one. Since last one year, General Motors’ smart engineers have been working very hard on Chevrolet Sail and making it suitable for the Indian car market and Indian car purchases. By the first glance, Chevrolet Sail looks very sporty on the outside. The front end of the car has been made very Chevy style by picking up cues from other Chevrolet brand of cars, comprising of dual-port grille finished with a golden bowtie. The hood of the car sports very muscular cut-lines that give it a very 3D look. Coming to the side profile of Chevrolet Sail UVA, the car has a very exquisite looking waistline, which in turn provides the car with a very energetic posture . The other body proportions of Chevrolet Sail UVA are close to perfect, bet it on the front or rear. The lower posture on the front end elegantly moves upward, giving the car a much higher stance at the back.

    The rear end of Chevrolet Sail UVA is smart, elegant and sporty. The tail lamps has been positioned high to give the back a much cleaner look, while the Chevrolet cross sign is beautifully positioned in the middle. The rear wiper will allow the owner to drive much carefully in the rainy and misty season, whereas the stop light lamp has been placed nicely on the top of the rear glass.

    The interiors of Chevrolet Sail UVA are near to perfect and General Motors have sincerely succeeded in making Chevrolet Sail UVA a comfortable, chic and utterly stylish car. The car is extremely spacious, bright and totally airy. The Chevrolet’s dual cockpit design has been victorious in standing out against other hatchbacks in the country. The instrument panel is sporty and has been finished with a bit of chrome. This panel comprises of a sophisticated music system, including CD player and FM radio and the AUX-in interface is flawless and enhances the overall entertainment of the car. The air conditioning system is simply awesome and proves to be every effectual in the hot summers of India. On the other hand, the seats are comfortable and have been upholstered with high quality fabric to provide a very posh feel to the passengers. The power steering will make it easy for the driver to glide through heavy traffic and the power windows are smooth and easy to use. The new Chevrolet Sail UVA can comfortably adjust five adults. Therefore, it can be said that interiors have been keenly worked upon and are not taken lightly at all.

    Interior Comfort

    This five seater hatchback delivers beautiful comfort. The fuel tank has been positioned in the middle of the car and the short rear and front overhangs amplifies the interior space. The headroom is pretty sufficient as the roof has been designed intelligently and kept a bit high. This will in turn make it utterly easy for the tall passengers to drive and ride pleasurably. Talking about the storage space, the designers have kept this in mind and offered plentiful storage space to stack up passengers’ luggage during long trips. Comfort and space wise, the enw Chevrolet Sail UVA is certainly better than company’s other hatchback cars, such as Chevrolet Aveo and Chevrolet beat.


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    the car looks nice
    i wish i had a car :)

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    that looks like a nice one. read about the car online also. Has some new features with bluetooth music streaming, spacious interiors with lot of boot space too. Will surely love to go for a test drive for this one. Got the info about the car from their website.

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    Now my choice shifted to SUV like Endeavour or Fortuner
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