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Thread: Hitman BLood Money ...270 mb Technic rip. Links in sendspace

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    Mera Bharat Mahan


    You are a true hitman fan

    gr8 posts
    thnx for those

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    I have completed the game. I hate rip and its only 250 MB.
    Thanks for finding ranees, maybe someone else find it useful. :D

    9 links in 5 posts and password in another post, i really need to learn spamming from you guys. :evil: :twisted:

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    sohaibrazzaq ... I was so desperate to make my 600th post in Bizhat .. That's why.. I think its also good .. So the downloaders wont get confused which file they have downloaded.

    Guttu I am just crazy about Hitman. But i never liked Hitman Contracts.But the rest, just amazing.

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    9 links in 5 posts and password in another post, i really need to learn spamming from you guys.
    I allowed it this time for my friend who is never a spammer
    And I know he will not repeat this

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    I wont Guttu. Thanx ......

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    have you played the level "You Better Watch Out"? This level has a very annoying bug, whenever you try to throw anything, the game crashes to desktop without any error and 1.1 update did'nt fixed this problem for me :(

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    You can play the game, its very easy if you just kill everyone and gain a rank of "Psyco Killer" with lots of witnesses and cover blown many time but its to darn difficult to get a rank of Hitman.
    This guide will help you for getting the best rank.
    This is not by me, i found it somewhere else so i thought that someone else might find it useful

    It will not get you all the weapons although there are alternate ways which do get you the weapons, however I feel the ways I have written are the easiest and will get you silent assassin. You will also need to upgrade the weapons yourself I merely put the bare minimum. However I did not upgrade nor use the SPAZ 12 or M4 and very little used the SMG Tactical, it was just a back up so I up graded it, the baller (kept it as 1, 2 takes two long to get out and reload) and the WA2000.

    Mission 1: Death Of A Showman
    Date: January 20th 2005
    Target: Joseph Clarence

    Guide: simply follow the prompts at the top of the screen; it’s the tutorial so there should be no problems.

    Interesting information:
    • There is a hammer on the right of the room where you are told to get the gun out of the crate.
    • There is a baseball bat in the targets office on the wall on the right.

    Mission 2: A Vintage Year
    Date: February 28th 2004
    Targets: Don F. Delgado
    Manuel Delgado
    Equipment needed: standard.

    Guide: At the start run to the right around the wall of the establishment. There is a guard who patrols this area. Syringe him with sedative and take his clothes then climb up the back of the truck then onto its roof then onto the buildings roof. Fall through the hole onto the crates and walk out into the yard. Turn left and head towards the corner and climb the drain pipe onto the roof. Creep to the right and enter the window then. Here are 2 options to kill the target

    a) Strangle or poison him in his chair.
    b) Follow him into the second room when he stands on the balcony, don’t worry about the guard he should be asleep just make sure your creeping. Then push the target over the edge.

    After this go back around to where you started and enter the door the tourist group goes through. There should be a guard in front of you who stands there and then patrols the stairwell. Once he starts on his patrol place a bomb on the winch when no one is looking. Walk out of the building and then go right and the right again, you should be in a little park sort of area. Once there check the map and when the target is in the alcove sort of area at the bottom of the stairs detonate the bomb crushing him. Then go back to the syringe guard grab the shot gun and head towards the water fall and turn right and follow the path down the mountain. The walk around the jetty to the plane and escape, yes you will have to pay the fee for suit retrieval but it didn’t worry me all that much.

    Mission 3: Curtains Down
    Date: March 17th 2004
    Targets: Alvaro D’alvade
    Richard Delahunt
    Equipment: WA2000 sniper rifle.

    Guide: once at the start go over to the guard in the room on the left as you enter and talk to him. You will get the real WWII gun. Then go up the stairs until the top floor is reached. Wait for the guard to leave his post and continue around the corridor. Enter the guard room and take the SLP 40 and MP5, simply so you have the weapons. Go downstairs and the painting in white overalls should be heading down stairs to the left of the room you got the WWII gun from. Follow him when no one is looking and creep after him. Just as he reaches the bottom of the stairs sedate him and take his clothes then dump his body in the container on the left side of the room. Continue through the door at the far end of the room away from the stairs and head right. When the 2 work men aren’t looking pick the lock of the door and head down the stairs thought the second door. Then go down the corridor about half way and enter the door on the right, go upstairs and head left then right and stand at the double doors where the workmen are. Wait till the black suited body guard goes to the bath room, pretty dam regularly mind you, and then go into the change room on the right, one with the point of interest and place the gun on the right side of the table. Then leave the room and go into the workmen’s room. Go upstairs to the top and then through the door into the area where the winch for the chandelier is kept. Pass that and then go down the ladder and unpack the rifle, drop it on the ground and then go back and stand out side the room with the WWII gun in it. When the guard enters the bath room enter the room and hide in the closet. Now wait till the play finishes and the actor enters his room and puts his gun down. This is the part that I’m not sure about the way I did it was this

    A) Jump out of the closet so he sees you and he’ll run off to get a guard, don’t worry there’s plenty of time. Grab the prop WWII gun and pocket it then leave his room and run back to you sniper rifle.
    B) But dark has said that the actor goes to the bath room and you can switch the guns then, he is trust worthy but I haven’t tried this method yet so I’m not sure about it, id go with what you prefer to do.

    Then grab the rifle and stay hidden from the patrolling workmen in the rafters. Then once the actor is shot with the real gun jump down the hole in the floor that leads to work mans scaffolding. Then line up the other target in the stand watching the play through the gap in the wooden planks you are standing on, shoot him in the head with the WA2000, and the climb back into the rafter up the metal bars. Then RUN, other wise you’ll climb back down the ladder, towards to big bulge in front of you and a little to the right so that more force is in forward motion stopping the climbing down the ladder. Pack up you rifle and head back the way you came, avoiding guards, they search the executioner actor’s room and the one watching the stage entrance opposite the stair well door to the basement. That guard will walk to a wall and face it, he looks towards the actor’s room, this is you time to hug the wall of the door you need enter it and run down stairs. Watch you map because there is a guard down there to, then go back to where you syringe the guard and get you clothes and time it so no one sees you leaving those stairs to the entrance. Leave the area.

    Mission 4: Flatline
    Date: March 31 2004
    Targets: An un-identified patient
    2 other optional mafia bosses
    Rescuing agent smith, yes that dumb fuck from the other hitman games.
    Equipment: standard.

    Guide: At the start stay to the path and run to the left side of the building and climb the drain pipe to the roof then over the roof and down the other side. Break the utility box and hide behind the dumpster, a guar will come out and then you creep into the room grab the security tape and the key card and enter the chain link key card door then follow he corridor and open the next door. Wait till the guard walking in the guard room in white clothes leaves and then sedate the guard in his chair, drag him back to the corridor that needs the key cards to open it, I took him back to the dumpster but that may be a bit far (you will also need to lock pick the door on the left in the key card corridor. Take the orderlies clothes and what ever else he is carrying, there is also interesting items on the table next to where he was sitting. No go out the door of the guard room and down the stairs and find a person in a room with orange hair sitting on his bed, open this door and walk in and a cut scene happens. And then administer the poison. Go back the way you came and get you suit back and go about half way back to the start of the mission. Before you go down the first hill there is a bearded man on a ledge having a smoke. Creep up behind him when no ones looking and take the paper on the bench then head to the main entrance. Enter the room and talk to the receptionist then go into the room and get changed. Walk to the guard at the door and he’ll frisk you and then let you in. no go up stairs and place the bomb on the winch on the balcony that over looks the room with the globe in it. Detonate the bomb away from the area when the target is at the globe. The other two targets can get killed by crushing one with the weights and the other by rigging his barbecue upstairs. Then leave the level.

    Mission 5: A New Life
    Date: March 15 2004
    Target: Vinnie Sinistra
    Retrieve micro film
    Equipment: Silenced baller.
    WA2000 (for secondary way of completion)

    Guide: at mission start go to the white van parked across from the targets house. Wait un till the food delivery guy goes to the house and the side guard has his back turned then go to the food guys car and take the doughnuts and take them back to mission start. Drop them on the ground and add the sedative to them. Then walk over to the white van and do the action and then hide on the side of the van while the FBI take the doughnuts inside and eat them. Wait a minute or so and then enter the van and take one of their clothes and enter the house through the front door. There are 2 ways of doing this

    A) Go outback and enter the shed in the back right corner, when no one is looking enter it and take the lighter fluid and poor it on the BBQ.
    B) Wait in the pool area and when the lady walks into the pool shoot the skylight roof to kill her.

    Once you have done one of these wait a little while so you don’t get blamed and then walk up the ladies body and take the micro film. Then go upstairs and into a room that has a black computer in it as soon as you walk in and turn left and hide behind the U shaped wall. When you target enters strangle or poison him and then take his Bull .480 and drag his body to where you hide. Leave the room and escape via the entrance.

    Interesting information:

    • In the guards room down stairs down stairs there is an MP7.

    Mission 6: A Murder Of Crows
    Date: October 25 2004.
    Targets: Mark Purayah Jr
    Raymond Kulinsky
    Angela Mason
    Protect the politician

    Equipment: Baller silenced.
    WA 2000

    Guide: Follow the red bird to the alley way that he stops in. wait against the all you came once he leaves and Angela Mason will walk in. poison or strangle her and take her walkie talkie and weapons and dump her in the dumpster. check the map as to where the other target is, raymond kulinsky, and then kill him with silence, for me he was in the salsa bar so i crept up stairs and stangled him. Take his clothes and belongings. Go the alley way opposite the other target and climb the point of interest into a tree house sort of structure. Unpack your rifle and wait ill the target stands on the balcony, then shoot him in the head. This is the part where you can dump your rifle and pay for its retrieve in order to get the briefcase, which you can wonder in and take or you can ignore it and take your rifle and leave the level.

    Interesting information:
    • There is an SG 552 in the last targets room.
    • There is a Kazo TRG sniper in the second targets room against the piano
    • You can drop a piano on the female target.

    Mission 7: You Better Watch Out
    Date: December 24 2004
    Targets: Lorne De Havillard
    Chad Bingham
    Retrieve video tape
    Equipment: baller with scope and silencer.

    Guide: at mission start run right and try to avoid the camera above the sort of cave door and then stand in front of the door to the guard’s room. When he walks to the candy machine enter the room and creep just to the left to turn of the sensor then leave the room and run around past the sensor to the lift and call it. Go the staff floor and wait till the patrolling guard leaves the corridor and go into the door on the right. Sedate the guard and take his clothes. Exit through the second door to the room and go right and the right again into a door leading into a stairwell. Go up and exit at the first door. Leave the kitchen and go to the main area with the bar and talk to the barman to get the aphrodisiac and then go into the cave area and go to the lift and go to the studio floor. Then go forward through the heart door then right and then left into the door when the guard is out patrolling. Enter the closet and wait till you target goes onto the balcony, push him over the edge, then go to the westward most point of interest on the studio floor to take the tape and then leave back down to floor one with the barman on it. Put the aphrodisiac in the martini glass on the right of the bar and then follow the target, once he drinks it to his room, with the hooker. Kill him when he’s alone and then leave the mission avoiding the cameras at the main lift from out floor one to the pier, the camera is on the pier level.

    Mission 8: Death on the Mississippi
    Date: January 12 2005
    Targets: Skip Muldoon
    6 Gator members
    Retrieve the safe contents.
    Equipment: silenced hard baller

    Guide: at mission start wait where you are and stealth follow the target as he comes from the floor above you and walks down the boat, when he is at the create take him as a human shield and walk him into the ICA room to the right, knock him out and shoot him then put him in the container. After this go back to the start and walk up stairs and enter the door and go down the corridor to the 2 people hooking up, get close to them and then they will walk into their room and talk and then the chick will leave. This when you creep into the room while the door is still open and strangle or poison the target in there and then leave. Then go left and then left again out the door and wait until the chick leaves and jump the railing and go right and jump the other railing. Wait against the big wheel thing until the guard on the deck has his back to you and climb up the lattice to the next floor. Shoot the target that walks that deck and go up the stairs. Shoot the target with the shot gun and then enter the door he was next to. Enter the next door and kill you target and then creep past the waiter into the opposing room and kill skip Muldoon and then go into the room on the left and take the safe contents. Then dart to the room opposite skips room and creep in and take the waiters clothes while he’s in the shower. Go to the exit and leave.

    NOTE: for me it stuffed up and the guy shot at me but all the targets chased me so shot them and threw them off the edge.

    Interesting Information: there is a FN 2000 in the point of interest on the second floor but it’s in the room with sailor guards.

    Mission 9: Till Death Do Us Part.
    Date: February 17 2005
    Targets: Groom, Buddy Muldoon
    Father of the Bride, “Pappy” Muldoon
    Ensure brides safety
    Equipment: standard

    Guide: Get the drunken guy’s clothes and guest pass when he passes out in the burnt out house. Enter the house through the front door and wait till no one is looking or coming and pick the lock of the door that is on the right on the stairs as you come in and wait till no one is looking and the guard is out of the room that you picked the lock to and go upstairs all the way to the attic and put a bomb on the back left winch and the single one at the front go down the left stairs to the second floor when no one is looking and go right and then pick the lock of the door that goes into the room that the father sits in and hide in the closet. Wait till the groom is at the piano (check the map) and hit the detonator once and the first bomb will go off dropping the lights into the groom. Stay in the closet and wait til the father is coming up the stairs then just as he starts to walk up blow the bomb and the delay will make it so he gets crushed. Then time it right so that no guards see you (they should all be in the attic anyway) and then leave through the front door, get you clothes and leave the mission .

    NOTE: before you blow the bombs you might want to save it in case the timing of the detonation is off and the targets don’t get crushed then you can re load it. Also you will need the bomb upgrade for the detonator and extra bomb.

    Interesting points:
    • Almost everyone carries the 6 shooters

    Mission 10: A House of Cards
    Date: June 9th 2005
    Targets: Sheikh Al- Khalrfa
    Hendrick Schmutz
    Equipment: WA 2000

    Guide: go into the building and go up the stairs on the right and enter the elevator, wait till the door closes and climb onto its roof. Wait here for Hendrick Schmutz to enter the lift and then wire him from above. Take his clothes and key card and go to his room and put down your sniper case and take his DNA case. Wait until the Sheikh to arrive and then once he is settles in this bar area go and get frisked by his guards and then talk to him and he will take the case and give you the other one. Stay here and then he will get a phone call and walk up the stairs follow him onto the roof, with a bit of distance, and then strangle or poison him when he has his back turned and no one is looking. Walk back downstairs leave the case and leave the area back to Hendrick’s room and pull out your sniper rifle and shoot the scientist who is a level up and opposite your new room. Go back to the elevator go to ground floor get your clothes back and leave.

    Interesting Information:
    • If you go to the receptionist on the right in the main area you get a key card and in you room there is a 3rd bomb and a TMP.
    • Look out for the camera in the casino area, once down the stairs head right and go to the Sheikh that way to avoid it. And also one in the room opposite the receptionist.

    Mission 11: A Dance with the Devil
    Date: August 15 2005
    Targets: Anthony Martinez (CIA)
    Vaana Ketlyn
    Retrieve information on who’s trying to assassinate you.
    Kill the 2 assassins after you.
    Equipment: Standard.

    Guide: Walk over to the glass doors in front of you and talk to the guard. Once he leaves walk to the door in the back right hand corner and go down stair. Hide in the closet until the garage guard walks in and goes up stairs then enter the car park and go left. Don’t go down the stairs yet. Wait until the guard that patrols is walking away from you and then stick to the left and move behind all the white vans and wait until the guard does his patrol again. The walk over to the left hand van in front of you and take the heaven guest clothes. Go to the lift on the right and be frisked then go up to the top floor. Walk through the door in front of you, then go into the door on the right and then follow it around to the left and go through the door and then go in the one on the right and stand in the corner opposite the sinks. Wait till your target (yellow devil) enters and goes into the cubical, go in there close the door and poison him. Take his clothes and suit case (containing the FN 2000) and gun and go out of the toilet and go left and then follow it but go in the door in front of you, instead of the one on your right which is the way you came. Follow it around the corner and then go in the door on the left and go to the laptop to find out who’s trying to kill you. Leave your gun case in this room and go out and then in the door on the left. Go over to the stage and then go left to the back stage area and talk to the singer once she is off stage. Run to the room where you dropped your gun case and stand next to the door on the right so that as soon as the chick enters you can close the door and punch and kill her then take her stiletto knife and stealth down and stab her. Then pick up your gun case and go back to the garage area. Don’t leave the lift but climb onto its roof and walk over to the other lift and climb down then go to hell. Once there talk to the bar man and follow him to the torture chamber. Pick up the weapons on the table and hide behind stuff while he’s shooting then when he’s reloading let him have it, chase him around until you kill him. Then go walk up to the chick target and follow her to the room pull out your stiletto and throw it into her face, then pick up your gun case and go back to the garage. Walk up the ramp that the cars go and stand out side the guard shack. When the standing guards walks out side creep in and take the tape on the left and then creep out. You can get your suit back and creep back the way you came or leave the level as is and pay for suit retrieval.

    Mission 12: Amendment XXV
    Date: September 22 2005
    Targets: Mark Parchezzi III
    Vice President
    Equipment: WA 2000

    Guide: go into the door on the left as you start and place your suitcase on the ramp then walk through the detectors and collect it on the other side. Then go into the bath room across the room on the right and wait for the guy in the red jacket to enter. Close the door and sedate him and take his clothes. Then walk into the door on the left after exiting the toilet and go into the guards room. Take the key card off the table and then take the surveillance tape out of the machine behind the key card. Go out of the guard room and go left and across the room and through the door then down the corridor and go right in the door and onto the roof. Climb up the ladder and enter the window, don’t worry about the workers they will run off. Once inside run through the door on the right and then follow the doors staying right to get the far side of the building. Take the workmen’s clothes off the table on the right near the window. Climb out the window and down the ladder and unpack your sniper rifle place and bomb to your right amongst the wall of workmen’s scaffolding and boxes etc. The VP will walk across the grass this is when you snipe him in the head and then the Secrete service guy will be out there and when he starts to drag him climb down the lattice from the roof and then sedate the guard. Take his clothes and key card and enter the door on the right at the far end of the grassed area. Walk in here and then go left and left again and enter the oval office. A cut scene will happen and then you exit the room via the door on you left once looking at the blown up door and go through the maze of cubical to the door in a cut away that leads up stairs. Then go forward through the door and go left and then left again through the door at the end of the corridor. Either detonate the bomb to kill the albino or sniper him from near this position. Then go over and take his clothes and climb the ladder and then exit the level the way you came. Make sure you have no guns so that the detectors do not go off, don’t worry you cant keep the albino gun. Then exit the level via the front gates

    NOTE: For this mission I did not get Silent Assassin but I did get Professional thanks to one bloody witness, hopefully you can figure out how to avoid it. But it kept my notoriety at 0 so I wasn’t to fussed.

    Mission 13: Requiem
    Date: Present time
    Targets: Everyone.
    Equipment: twin ballers given to you by Diana.

    Guide: at the start watch the cut scene. Don’t be distracted by the credits keep mashing the forward key and 47 will get up shoot some of the guards and run to the right and forwards and hide behind a sort of wall. Jump out and shoot guards as they run at you. Pick up all the guns and then go back to where you were laying and exit via the gaps in the windows. Go to the point of interest for a mix of environmental weapons to kill Cayne with. Go find Cayne using the map and wither get him when his back is turned (he spins around in circles) and then pick up his mad custom 1911. Shoot the priest and reporter with it and whalla game finito.

    Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough and hope it worked out well, I know the Death on the Mississippi was a doozy mission but I guess there’s always one.

    See if you can figure out the ending as well…sort of weird but it may mean… 47 join’s a new agency.

    Weapon List
    This list is where I remember the weapons from with the easiest to get them or first appear, they are in other places I know.

    Snub nosed- A vintage Year, carried by Don F. Delgado
    Bull .480- A New Life, Carried by Vinnie Sinistra
    6 Shooter- Till Death Do us Part, carried by most guests
    SLP .40.S- A Murder of Crows, Carried by Angelina Mason
    SLP .40- Most Levels, Standard pistol carried by guards and police.
    Deagle- A Murder Of Crows, carried by Mark Purayah Jr
    Custom 1911, Amendment XXV, carried by Mark Parchezzi III,
    Requiem, carried by Cayne.

    NOTE: the Custom 1911 is not kept at game finish.

    Heavy Machine Guns:
    FN 2000, A Dance with the Devil, In the CIA agent’s rifle case.
    SG 552, A Murder of Crows, in Mark Purayah Jr office

    Marine Rifle (can’t remember the name), Amendment XXV carried by most Marines and in guard shack.

    Sniper Rifles:
    Elephant gun, Till Death Do Us Part, on the wall in the room the bride’s father sits in to watch TV.
    SVD, Death of A Showman, Agency Drop Spot.
    Kazo TRG, A Murder of Crows, against the piano where Raymond Kulinsky waits.

    MP5, Curtains Down, in the guard’s room on the 3rd floor
    MP7, A New Life, in the guard’s room
    MP9, A Murder of Crows, carried by the chicken suit guards.
    TMP, A House of Cards, in you hotel suit
    SMG RAF, A Vintage Year, Carried by VIP Guards and in the downstairs guard room

    Shotgun, A Vintage Year, carried by outside guards.

    Nailer, Curtains Down, Carried by back stage workmen
    A New Life, in the basement
    Screw driver, Requiem, at point of interest.
    Hedge Clippers, A New Life, carried by Vets Neighbour.
    Requiem, at point of interest.
    Hammer, Death of a Showman, elevator room on the right.
    Baseball bat, Death of a Showman, on Joseph Clarence’s wall.
    Fire Extinguisher, Death on the Mississippi, in Engine Room
    Shovel, Till Death Do Us Part, Family Grave
    Death on the Mississippi, Engine Room

    NOTE: Most Environmental Weapons can be found in Requiem at the point of interest.

    WA2000, Sniper Rifle
    M4, Assault rifle
    SPAZ 12, Shotgun
    SMG Tactical, SMG
    .45 Hard Baller(s), Pistols
    Bomb(s), A House of Cards, hotel suit.
    Syringe, Poison and Sedative
    Fibre Wire


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    I dont read cheats or anything till I loose my patience
    I still havent completed last 2 levels of GTA-SA
    and dint search for cheats too

    Lets hope this game gets me very soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranees
    Its working fine.I have downloaded it. But the dialogues are not there.

    thanks raneees

    is this the full games or should i download those 35 files from rapidshare also.

    is that necessary to donlaod these addons also.

    plz advise me asap.


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    No that's the whole game .No need to dwonload the files in Rapidshare. But the dialogues are missing. So if you want the dialogues download the rapidshare files Otherwise just download the file in SendSpace.

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