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    Aventuras en el tiempo ("Adventures in Time'") is a Mexican television series from 2001. This telenovela is performed completely in Spanish and features a young pre-teen girl named Violeta. She lives with her uncle, because her mother died soon after she was born and she never knew her father.

    Violeta lives with her uncle, but goes to stay with her grandmother as well. Violeta also has a boyfriend named Ángel who gives her a pet dog. While at her grandmother's house, Violeta discovers a time machine that her grandfather built, and she and some other kids travel to different time periods.

    The adults also end up traveling in time with the kids, and they also end up going to more recent time periods like the 1980s, where Violeta meets her mother and witnesses her own birth and her mother's death.

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    Worst soap opera I think, I never seen anything worst, I know it is for kids but anyways.


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