Unfabulous is a live action television series on Nickelodeon about an "unfabulous" Junior high school student, played by Emma Roberts. The series was created by Sue Rose, who previously created the animated television series Pepper Ann and Angela Anaconda.

As of November 2005 the show, which debuted in fall 2004, is in its second season and among the three most-watched programs in the United States among kids between the age of 9 and 14

Unfabulous' main character is 13-year-old seventh grader Addie Singer (Emma Roberts), who writes songs about her life in junior high. Her best friends are Geena (Malese Jow), who is into fashion and designs her own clothes, and the environmentally-committed school basketball player Zach (Jordan Calloway). They all attend Rocky Road Middle School in an unspecified East Coast city. Addie's older brother Ben (Tadhg Kelly) works at Juice, a smoothie bar where Addie and her friends often hang out after school.