Rebelde Way is a telenovela from Argentina that was first broadcast on Telefe language = Spanish in 2002 2003.

The story takes place in the "Elite Way School" (Buenos Aires, Argentina), an exclusive, internationally recognized prep school where teenagers of the upper crust of society receive excellent schooling and can establish social connections that will ensure them a successful future. This school also offers a scholarship program for the underprivileged that show academic or athletic excellence; sadly, however, few of these ever manage to graduate. A secret society called "The Lodge" has made it their mission to maintain the "purity" of their breed by harassing the scholarship students and forcing them out. Among the fresh crop of students who arrive at the summer club that preps them for the new school term, we find Mia, Manuel, Marizza and Pablo, four eager teenagers who, in spite of their marked differences, will discover something that will bring them together in the face of all prejudice: their overwhelming love for music. "Rebel's Way" is the riveting story of teenagers who awaken to the harsh realities of life in a privileged school environment where power, tradition and material gain are everything, and where only the strongest in spirit will find the wellspring of courage to fight for their right to feel, to love, to break down social barriers, and to be themselves.

Rebelde Way features a very large number of plot lines, many of which are put on hold for several episodes before they are resumed. Also, many of the minor characters often play central roles for a single episode before returning to the background.