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    The History of Miranda! began in 2001, when Alejandro Sergi decided to join Juliana Gattas, Lolo Fuentes and Bruno de Vicenti to start a band. Their style would be catalogued by themselves as Melodramatic Electropop.

    The band was named after the Argentinian actor Osvaldo Miranda. Since the band began playing, they wanted to meet Osvaldo Miranda. This finally took place during the Buen Dia Arriba festival, in December 2002, in a bar near a park at Palermo Viejo.

    Their popularity grew around the Buenos Aires Underground music circuit, based on their peculiar music, style, and looks. Their unique live performances, in which the band members "acted out" the lyrics of their songs, gained them a great amount of followers, as well as a number of prizes on such publications as the Argentinian version of the [[Rolling Stone|Rolling Stone Magazine], which named them the Revelation Band of 2002.

    The same year, they released their first album, Es Mentira, which would spawn five singles: Bailarina, Imán, Tu Juego, Agua and Romix.

    In 2004 Miranda! edited their second album, entitled Sin Restricciones, which would mean the mainstream breakthrough of the band, with hits like Yo Te Diré or Don, which would go on to be one of the most downloaded ringtones in the world by 2005. Other singles out of this album were Navidad, El Profe and recently, Uno los Dos.

    Currently, Miranda! are preparing their 3rd album, which is scheduled for release on 2006

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