Soon the 'Single' tag from the ravishing Sushmita Sen will drop off.... News is that the former Miss Universe and actress has made up her mind to get married next year.

While nothing is known about her Mr. Right yet, Sushmita confirmed in an interview said that she has indeed planned to enter the wedlock in 2013.

"I am taking my time to say yes, but once I say I do, it will be for keeps as I firmly believe in the institution of marriage," quoted Sush, who now feels that the time has come to be settled finally.

A single mother, Sushmita, 36, has two adopted daughters Renee and Alisah. On being asked how they feel about her marriage, Sen replied that while Alisah is too young, Renee is quite fine with her being single.

"She (Renee) would like to see me as a bride one day, but she does not push me for it. She is 13 and we are more like friends; she understands me as a woman now," said Sen who on a lighter note added that she turns into a mom only if Renee skips her homework.

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