Ten steps to attempt a DATA recovery from a dirty floppy disk.

01: bend the shutter blade outwards and pull it completely from the disk casing. (BE CAREFULL DO NOT TOUCH THE INNER PLASTIC DISK!!)

02: put the whole disk in water who is just at body temperature. (It must be completely submerged!)

03: In the mean time, Semi-split another (Non-important) disk at the top, (Where the identifier and the read/write hole are located) just far enough to slide out the actual disk. (Do NOT bend the shutter blade too far!)

04: Slide out that disk and lay the casing and that disk aside.

05: When soaked for a minute or two, Hold the disk horisontally and split the casing from that disk completely apart while it is still whet.

06: Take out the actual disk at the metal Hub (NEVER touch the plastic itself!) and Rinse it clean with cold or just body temperature water

07: Let it dry completely by holding it in an airstream who is ABSOLUTELY NOT above 40 Deg. C. (DO NOT DRY IT WITH A CLOTH OR SOMETHING!!)

08: CAREFULLY slide in the rinsed disk with the lower portion of the Hub facing the hole side and put it back together. (Remember how the previous disk came out!!)

09: gently press the two sides together again on the edges and the rim. (NEVER in the middle of the flat surface!)

10: If properly done put it in a drive and try if you can read any data.

IF you are lucky, copy it directly to the hard drive or to another floppy disk and discard the cleaned disk.