1} LeechGet
Browser : IE, FF
A great download manager for FF and IE.
Firefox can use the plugin to get full intergration.

2} GetFileSize
Browser : IE
A great tool for dial up users!

3} FlashGot
Browser : FF
The best download manager for FF. Allows intergration with a viriety of download managers including Fresh Download, LeechGet, Internet Download Manager.

4} WinHTTrack
Browser : IE, FF
A tool for copying a site to your hard-drive for viewing later. Will also reduce loading times, very helpfull for dial-up users.

5} FasterFox
Browser : FF
A speed booster for FireFox.

6} Pix2Phone
Browser : IE, FF
This software allows 'save to phone' with pictures. And also allows converting mp3's to ringtones.

7} FoxyTunes
Browser : FF
Control Media Player, iTunes, WinAmp or other media programs fro the FireFox browser.

8} Internet Radio
Browser : IE
A basic radio player for Internet Explorer.

9} Media Player Connectivity
Browser : FF
Allows viewing of embeded media clips from a webpage in the browser of your choice.
Works with RealMedia, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, ShockWave, Flash and more!

10} Pimp Flash
Browser : IE, FF
A tool for downloading, share and organize Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media Player and other videos.