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Thread: Sourav Ganguly is one of India's greatest cricketers, says Shah Rukh Khan

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    Default Sourav Ganguly is one of India's greatest cricketers, says Shah Rukh Khan

    KOLKATA: Shah Rukh Khan and Sourav Ganguly may not be the best of friends but the Bollywood actor considers the former India captain as one of the "greatest" cricketers of the country.

    "Beyond IPL and beyond the bits and pieces (written about) Sourav Ganguly without any argument is one of the greatest cricketers this country has ever produced.

    "We can never take that away from him by any discussion," the KKR principal owner said during a promotional event on Saturday.

    "I love him yaar. He is the coolest cricketer ever produced. He is a hero for me. With him, we put up our team together. But due to situations and circumstances that happened unfortunately a couple of years ago he did not play for us," he added.

    As there are speculations that the retired cricketer might make another comeback for the newly-owned team by Sun TV, Khan chose to avoid any more controversy wishing Ganguly all the best for future.

    "I will always respect him, love him like a brother. If he's free, we would invite him to watch our matches, cheer the boys when KKR play at Eden next year. I wish him all the best in any endeavour."

    SRK also said he was looking forward to the sixth edition of IPL.

    "I am always attached to the city of Kolkata. Be it because of IPL or anything else. It was a great last season having won the IPL 5. Now we are looking forward to IPL 6.

    "We had a bad time in the Champions League T20 recently. The boys could not acclimatise to the conditions in South Africa," said Khan.

    Sourav Ganguly

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    Sourav the person who gave fire to Indian young players ... he taught them how to give back.

    Here is one of my favorite post on Dada ... please read it and I hope you guys will love it -

    All about Sourav Ganguly - Sourav Ganguly a Captain who changed the mentality of his players

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