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Thread: 1)PHP/MySQL 2)25MB Space 3)1GB Extra Bandwidth which one?

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    Default 1)PHP/MySQL 2)25MB Space 3)1GB Extra Bandwidth which one?

    I know 1GB Extra Bandwidth is you can 1Gb more transfer bandwidth which I wouldn't need until my site get very popular which wouldn't happen soon
    25MB more web space was even simpler, just 25MB extra online storage( Well, not really. but you know what i meant :-) )
    see here is where I am confused
    i heard many people use php
    but never got to the point of actually understand how it workss
    so somebody please explain and vote for while one would you choose if you have 100 posts

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    I vote for PHP and MySQL :D

    PHP is a scripting language like C. If you know C, you can study PHP in 1 or 2 days.

    All PHP Scripting files end with ".php" extension.

    I will show you how to create your first PHP Script.

    Open notepad or any text editor. Create a new file, save it as "phpinfo.php" make sure you named the file correctly and not "phpinfo.php.txt"

    Now type in following code into text editor

    Now save it and upload it to your web server. You can access this file with url = your web site url

    You can see the script running it at

    If this script run on your web site, then you have PHP support enabled. phpinfo() is a function that display details about PHP version running on the server.


    Become PHP Expert in 30 days - Free Online Matrimonial - Professional Web Hosting, Designing.

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    I tried the php test and I am happy to find that it works for me. It's a good thing that my username "madboyv1" happens to alreaddy be on the crawler so that adding new sites to my name is easier than you'd think.

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    i have no clue what php or that other junk is so i chose bandwidth cause my site has a big potential to be popular, but we'll see, i might need the space before it comes popular, im not sure how much 1gb is or the space i have now compared to what ive use. I imagine im pretty full but i have no idea.

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    these php crap makes easier on the web master
    as your site grow bigger, more stuff
    management become a big role of maintaining the website, which is what php makes it easier on and other stuff which act identical like a program


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