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Thread: What is LDAP?

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    Default What is LDAP?

    LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

    LDAP is a protocol designed to provide access to the X.500 Directory while not incurring the resource requirements of the Directory Access Protocol (DAP).

    LDAP is a protocol designed to allow quick, efficient searches of directory services. Built around Internet technologies, LDAP makes it possible to easily update and query directory services over standard TCP/IP connections, and includes a host of powerful features, including security, access control, data replication and support for Unicode.

    LDAP is used to store user data in mail servers, address books, etc...
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    Default Re: What is LDAP?

    I never succeed to setup LDAP / SAMBA. Between Linux system i have no problem but problem to participate windows system.

    Anyone can details me.


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